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More Fresh Snow!

We woke up to lots of fresh snow this morning. I took out a ruler and measured 11" of snow on the deck table when I went out to feed the sheep. We've had at least another inch since then. I have to work at 3 o'cock this afternoon, so I hope it stops by then. Fortunately it's light fluffy stuff, easy to shovel. Stan shoveled a bit and went to work this morning at 9. The propane truck came shortly afterward with our minimum fill delivery - ouch! Even with a 20 cents a gallon price drop, that propane is costly this year! Thank goodness we supplement with wood.
Ozzie helps me with chores every morning, I stopped to get this photo of him and Harrison's breeding group this morning.
Above is a photo of the heated 5 gallon water bucket in Harrison's breeding pen. I have four of these going in the various sheep pens. Yes, I do keep water available to my sheep even with all the snow. Some days they don't drink much at all, but other days they really go for it. …

Merry Christmas!

All the gang here is Wishing you a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanuka or whatever holiday you may be celebrating.

Starting with our mama Kitty...the ewe lambs...Beechtree Lanora...
Elsa's Shetland Mule ewe lamb - Elsie (or is it Emmy?)
The polled boys...The Shetland flock matron, Bramble Cordelia..Guest ram, Kimberwood Harrison...
Bo and Lana...
Jemma's Shetland Mule ewe lamb...and Ozzie...

Snowy landscape, but thinking GREEN

We've been getting some snow to make things Christmas-y. I don't mind the snow as much as I mind the COLD temps. Poor Bramble Cordelia was limping with a frozen foot the other morning when temps were around -20F. I made sure to put out plenty of bedding in their 3-sided shelter, but I'm afraid she slept outside. I think I will remove her from the breeding pen and put her in with the ewe lambs who have access to the pole building.

We've been keeping the woodstove stoked and trying to keep up with shoveling out the driveways and paths to the barns and woodpile. We'll need to get a couple loads of hay from the west 40 over in Ogilvie, so that means THAT driveway needs plowing too. Stan loves the Kawasaki Mule for snow plowing. He does all of our plowing plus some of the neighbor's driveways (and a path down the road to the neighbor's place). Yes, that Mule is really handy, I love it too for hauling things around the place and cleaning out pastures and t…

First Place!

Woo-hoo! My felted wool painting won first place in the "Other Art Forms" category at the regional art show this past weekend. What a surprise that was! There was some pretty stiff competition in that category too. I really need to do more of these, I've had such a positive response to the ones I've displayed in area shows. I'd love to do a large landscape piece of our pond in the snow.
Above is the photo of Lana and Bo that I promised in my last post. They are such a cute pair.
Below is a shot of Kimberwood Harrison (polled black gulmoget) and River Oaks Hannah. Harrison is such a nice ram, very nice temperament. Absolutely no trouble at all.

Sunday I hosted my dad's 80th birthday party. Unfortunately, the guest of honor was over two hours late. It was snowing pretty good that day and we really got worried about him - he's never, ever late. I called the sheriff's offices of Pine, Kanabec and Burnett counties asking about accidents. We even…

Had to share this link - cute Sheep ad

Ron Parker sent this to the Sheep-L list, I thought you might enjoy it too.

It's a link to some ads that feature a black sheep. I see shades of BFL in the main character - if only he would hold his ears upright. The video at the bottom of the page is cute and very short. The one on the side of the page took a little long for my computer to download, and it was more of a commercial, so I didn't watch the whole thing.

Here on the home front, McIntire and his two half brothers are gone to their new home. Bo and Lana are together in a breeding pen. I need to take a photo of them. They look so cute together, but they are both quite young to be breeding. Oh well, if she doesn't take, it's no big deal. If she does take, I'm sure she'll do just fine.

This afternoon I heard what I thought was the garage service door blowing closed, over and over. Then I remembered why I don't put my Shetland rams near my fiberglass calf huts. I forgot about t…

Breeding Groups Finalized

Well, I can finally say it, my breeding plans are pretty much set in stone now.
On Saturday I sent my two BFL rams off to other farms. Our white BFL ram, Dougal, was in with our two BFL ewes for three weeks. He is now at home in Terri Drimel's flock. Our natural colored BFL ram, Granite, was pulled from his group of five ewes and is being leased to Kimberwood in trade for the services of Kimberwood Harrison.

I put Kimberwood Harrison in with 6 ewes this weekend. I got home with Harrison after dark and had to move the BFL ewes out of the breeding pen and back into the pole building before I could let Harrison out. Of course I didn't want him to be all alone the first night, so I was glad that our unregistered Shetland ewe, Mabeline and her yearling Shetland Mule daughter followed me out into the dark and then had the good sense to respond to the alfalfa hay I used to lure them into the breeding pen.
Harrison was reticent to leave the dog kennel at first, so I just left him in …

Eggs! Beautiful Eggs

Recently I've noticed blog posts about the beautiful eggs that chickens have been laying in flocks all over the country. My own five month old pullets started laying a month ago and it's always a joy to find those first eggs, with their strong, colorful shells. The early eggs are especially dark, they range from small to extra large double yolk eggs as shown below. Those poor pullets!

I've been blowing out the smaller ones for egg decorating someday when I get around to it again. There are so many ways to turn eggs into art, but for some reason, wax resist egg decorating was the one that took my breath away nine years ago. I totally immersed myself in it, learning as much as I could via the Internet, books, workshops and mentoring with Luba Perchyschyn. The duck egg below is from one of her design books...As the years went by, I saw some of my brilliant dyes fade away, as this acid etched brown egg did, it's now a lilac color... but the brown layers of the colored sh…