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A Ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair!

"Portrait of Lena" took second place in Fine Arts exhibit, textile category! This wet felted piece has been very, very good to me.

Busy Summer!

Just a quick update this morning, lots to do before the sun sets tonight.

The insurance adjuster has come and gone, we had damage to the roof of the house and the entire roof of the pole building.  Now if we have to fix the pole barn roof, I'm thinking we should add at least one lean-to on it to house the sheep.  Actually I'd love to add one on each side.  I've always let the sheep access the barn via the slider, but I hate trying to keep that area clear so the slider is operational.  Anyone have lean-to ideas or plans to share?  I'm thinking if we add 8' on each side, we should put a door in the existing walls so it would be easy to feed the sheep without going outside.

The good news about all the storms and rain this summer is our pond is almost FULL already!  We took this photo last week, it's probably even a little higher now.  Hopefully our hay guy will get his cattle in there soon to make use of all that forage.  While we were there, I checked on my pumpkin…

Another storm, another fence


Good bye Shachah

We said goodbye to Shachah the other day.  We love that dog!  He has a calm, sweet temperament along with the ability to run off any dogs that came in our yard, and Lord knows what all else he kept away.  He barked quite a bit at night, especially when there was a full moon.  He is a super cool dog, so smart with a real sense of himself.

Well, you might be asking, why did we give him away then? The answer is we only have 5 acres here and he needed more to guard.  As it was, he guarded all three houses at the end of our cul-de-sac and he was damned good at it.  The problem was that only two of the houses wanted to be guarded. LOL.
He was fine over the winter just guarding the ewes in the pasture out back.  But when spring came and the ground thawed, he became a Houdini that could get out of any place we put him - digging under and slipping through despite the barbed wire.  And being a Great Pyrenees/Akbash cross, he had a mind of his own, did things on his own pace.  We learned that it…


I've been on a felting bender for over a week now.  Yesterday I finished two hats that were inspired by Suzanne Higgs' beautiful work and the hats I saw at the Midwest Felting Symposium. I think they will be warm in the winter with all those layers.

I finally finished this black Shetland hat about 5 days earlier than the ones above. 

It seemed that the fedora style was the only kind of hat I could make, so I forced myself to try something different.  Everything looks good on that head.  I look terrible in hats myself.

Sorry for the lack of a decent background, I'm just too busy creating to clean up my work space.  I will do a proper photo shoot of all the things I've been making at some point in the future.