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Well, I guess my blog was tagged by Garrett and Carol.
So at the risk of boring you all to death, here are my answers to a set of questions with a list of 8 things.

My 8 favorite foods:
1. Lamb Stew
2. Barbecued Ribs
3. Warm Brownies and Ice Cream
4. Lasagna
5. Steak (beef or lamb) with sauteed mushrooms and onions
6. Steamed broccoli/asparagus/cauliflower with butter
7. Baked potatoes w/sour cream
8. Is wine a food?

8 Things I Did Today
1. Laundry
2. Bought myself a guitar! And tried to remember some cords and finger picking.
3. Talked on the phone with a prospective Shetland ram lamb buyer - yay!
4. Had lunch in town with old friends from church :-))
5. Fed the sheep and chickens - twice.
6. Wrote out bills.
7. Made plans for tomorrow's breeding ram exchange. My two adult BFL rams are leaving and I will be bringing back a polled black gulmoget ram to use on my Shetland ewes. The girls will be ever so happy.
8. Started my Christmas shopping - just one gift so far-- unless you count the guitar wh…

My, oh my, Pumpkin Pie!

I made homemade pumpkin pie yesterday. Yummm! It's my favorite.

I bought some pumpkins for decorating in front of the house in October (my seeds didn't sprout this year in the garden). I put them with squash and corn stalks from the garden for a fall display. When the cold temps and snow came around this past week, I figured it was time to move into holiday decorating mode and bring in the pumpkins before they froze solid.

I planned to feed them to the sheep before breeding. The sheep just love them! Well, the older girls love them, the ewe lambs need to learn that pumpkin is a special treat. :-)

BUT, we all love pumpkin pie in this house. And since I paid for those pumpkins, I figured we were entitled to claim one for ourselves.

SO, yesterday I cut one up and cooked it...the chickens got the insides, they love it too.
And scooped it out...And mashed it up...
And made two pumpkin pies...
You can see it's only one and half pies now. This is definitely not good for my weight redu…

Glass Spinning Wheel

Well, I've finished the first three days at my new job. I have three days off before I start in on four days in a row next week.
I've never done food service work before, except a few volunteer shifts at church funerals. It's actually kind of fun and I'm learning some new tricks about presentation. I've always been a bit shy about having people over for dinner, or bringing my salad to the salad luncheon and getting most of it back. LOL. So this could be a good learning experience for me.

I've enjoyed seeing lots of friends and acquaintances as they come into the store to shop. It's so much nicer than working in a town 25 miles away!

I thought the spinners and art lovers among you might enjoy this video of a truly lovely piece of art. The link was shared with me through the feltmakers list. If you're not on dial-up, I hope you enjoy this.

New Job & a painting class & my dwindling Shetland flock

Well, things are looking a little brighter these days. I finally got a job and I'll start next week. I'll be working part time in the deli department of the grocery where my husband and son already work. I'll be working three 6-hour shifts per week. To be only 4 miles from home and working short shifts will be great during lambing next spring. And I think I'll actually get more artwork done when I have a part time job. I'm really more productive when I have limits set on my time. We'll see!

Last week I started a new painting class taught by Karen Kiefer. She lives in Ogilvie, close to our 40 acres. I finished a wool painting and took out my watercolors last weekend and start to paint some sheep. On the right is Lanora, a BFL and on the left is Delia, a Shetland Mule. I have a long way to go on these and I will probably switch to pastels.
In the class I'm using pastels. Yesterday I started a pastel of Boggart's impressive skull/horns in class with …


The election is over and our nation has turned a historic page. The scenes of joy and hope have been so moving, I don't remember ever being so emotionally affected by a presidential election. Hopefully we will see a new sense of cooperation and working together. Heaven knows we need it!

I took these photos of our cats the other day. Even they know the joys of working together...

I first noticed the old Momma kitty grooming her two year old son and I ran to grab the camera.Then it was his turn to return the favor.....It's too bad you can't hear the purring here...Oh that felt good! Maybe a just a little more...And finally two nicely groomed, contented kitties!

Voting, WI SpinIn, Apples!

Yes, I voted this morning -- along with my husband and our youngest son. I was so glad to finally get to vote! This historic election and the economic meltdown has left me very anxious lately. I know firsthand how tough it is for people to get by these days. Hopefully we will have better days ahead of us.

It was great to see the line of voters extending out into the parking lot as we drove up. And fortunately the weather was perfect -- 70 degrees and sunshine on Nov. 4th! Normally we don't have to stand outside the door of our township building when we vote, a few times we were left under the overhang of the entrance, but this was amazing. The election workers told us people had been lined up before they even opened the doors this morning. The huge voter turnout is very exciting. I saw lots of young people out there voting as well. And then to watch our youngest vote for the first time in his life, it was cool. :-)

Now I want to do some felting to pass the time until the r…