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And Finally, our Current Sales List

Sorry to say that my website updates aren't uploading as planned, so I'm posting my sales list here on the blog for now. Email me for more information, prices, etc.

River Oaks Shetlands in Mora, Minnesota has three NASSA registered ewes for sale this spring. All are gentle and tame ewes with good lambing histories. We have no "wild child" sheep here!

River Oaks Eliza, beautiful white 3 yr old with fabulous fleece, 18% UK, single

Bramble Jemma, F2 Minder, 6 yr old black ewe, twin, has some iset

Bramble Cordelia, F1 Minder, 9 yr old Ag fawn katmoget ewe, quad

I love all these girls, and I hadn't planned on selling them, but I need to whittle my numbers down, so they will be available to good homes.

We will also sell Elsa, another beautiful white Shetland ewe, 3 yrs old to a good home. She's not registerable, but she's very sweet and a small ewe. I used her in my crossbreeding program this year.

We will have three Shetland Mule ewe lambs available after…

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone is enjoying the Memorial Day weekend. The trilliums and wild strawberries are in bloom in the woods. The photo at left is taken from the pond's edge, you can see our little red barn on the horizon.

Things are kind of dull here with the poor weather yesterday and the high gas prices. Also, Stan and Matt had to work all weekend. Our oldest son, Alex, came up for the weekend, but I'm afraid he's been rather bored with just me to keep him company. It's nice out today so maybe we can head over to the land and check things out.

The boys took Alex's inflatable kayak out on the pond on Saturday, it was a good thing they did it then because on Sunday the mosquitoes hatched and they are ravenous! My poor sheep! I have to get refills for my automatic barn sprayer ASAP. The poor BFL's have open faces, necks and bellies so they get hit hard. Add to that the woodticks they pick up on pasture and I hope they aren't anemic!

The Stone Cherry tree in the f…

Celebrating the lambs and rams

I've been out in the pasture comparing the various shades of brown in our Shetland lamb crop this year. We have four browns, three rams and a ewe. All are out of Windswept Boggart and carry modified genetics. In the photo above, you see Maverick, the smirslet moorit in front, his twin brother Marshall in the middle, and Rueben, the moorit out of Eliza.

Rueben with his big horns.

Marshall with his small horns.

And Marshall's twin, Maverick (reserved) with his small horns and cute face.

We also have a beautiful little moorit ewe lamb, Leonie, with her teeth showing. Soft fleece!

And here's Jemma and her big and little Shetland Mule twins with Abby in the background grazing as usual.

And this is a dream come true, Dougal and Granite finally living together in one pen! Which brings me down to only two pens of sheep. Yay!
Of course it won't last too long, I will wean the lambs in June and that will create another pen. And eventually I'll have to separate the polled and the …

A new day

FYI - the date on this post says Monday, but I'm actually writing it on Wednesday a.m. I'm not sure how to change dates when editing a draft.

Life goes on, here's a photo of our 3/4 Shetland ram lamb being followed by Onyx yesterday. He's a nice little package, look at his hindquarters. He's got fabulous fleece, he's polled and he could be carrying gulmoget under that white.

Thanks to all for the condolences on Abby's lamb. I'm feeling better now that Abby is out with the flock again and looking so good. She's just the sweetest ewe. I'm taking her off my sales list. ;-)

I got to try out the Udderly EZ Milker. It is easier than I thought it would be. I froze a couple little bags of colostrum for future emergencies. Abby got used to the milker and seemed to enjoy it. When she was done, she walked away. She has a harem of ram lambs more than willing to relieve any pressure, but she doesn't let them.

I figured it all out, Abby's lamb…

A Sad Day

I knew it had to happen sometime, but I feel just sick about it. We lost our first lamb this morning. River Oaks Abby was unable to deliver her big crossbred ram lamb during the night. I really didn't want to bred the three smallest of my ewe lambs last year, but I couldn't resist the offer of using Kimberwood Harrison for 4 weeks. After he went home, hoping she was already bred, I put all the ewes in with Granite, the colored BFL ram lamb, because he and Dougal didn't get along.

It recently became apparent that Abby was indeed pregnant with Granite's lamb and I was watching her. She wasn't overly large and we haven't had the good alfalfa hay for about two weeks now. Jemma's crossbred twins were small, and I was thinking Abby and Cora would have smaller lambs too.

I put Abby in a jug last night when the ram lambs were chasing her all over the paddock. That's a sign that labor is coming on soon. She had no other signs though. I pointed the barn ca…

Busy Weekend

First some lamb photos on grass. Our BFL ewe lambs, now named Opal (white) and Onyx (black) galloping after their moms. They are both sired by Beechtree Granite.

I'm happy to say that bringing sheep to Shepherd's Harvest was a good experience. It made the festival a lot more fun.

Okay, so the sheep and I got pulled over by a cop on the way down there, but thankfully I didn't get a ticket and I probably gave that cop something to smile about that day. The big bags of raw wool in the front seat and the aroma that surely emitted when I rolled down my window is probably something he doesn't get to experience everyday.

The crowds at Shepherds Harvest were the biggest ever despite the poor weather. Julie Mackenzie handled publicity for the festival and she did a great job of it.

My sheep boys were well behaved and lots of people exclaimed at how mellow and friendly they were. Everyone loved the cute faces of the Babydoll wethers and they "oohed and ahhed" (sp?) o…

Jemma Lambed!

Good news! Bramble Jemma finally lambed this morning. She had twin Shetland Mules. The big white ewe lamb came first, then a little black ram with a krunet marking. I'll weigh them tonight after their cords are dry. Too bad she mixed up the colors on them, I would have preferred a black ewe lamb and a white ram lamb. Notice the ewe lamb kneels to nurse already. The ram lamb is the smallest Shetland Mule lamb I've ever seen. So cute!

They all look great and now I don't have to worry about her lambing while I'm gone this weekend at Shepherd's Harvest. Whew!

Jemma has really kept me guessing this year. I had her marked on the calendar for April 8 to deliver a Sheltering Pines Bombarde lamb, but no go there. So then I got very excited thinking she'd have a Kimberwood Harrison lamb - gulmoget, polled. No deal there either. Apparently, she held out until Dougal came home from Kim's. Thinking she was surely bred already, I used her for Dougal's co…

When the time is right....

First I have to post this photo of our son at the Mora prom's Grand March late this afternoon. He's a college freshmen accompanying his friend, Joia, to prom again this year. They sure do look nice together! This is the only shot I got because we were in the front row.

Next, meet River Oaks Ebony, our little BFL ewe lamb born on 5-1-08. Two days old now and doing just fine.

Now, to the main point of this post...I am a believer that if things are meant to be, they will be...eventually. So here is a series of fortunate events leading to a happy me. ;-)

First- my son and my husband both work at Coborn's grocery store here in Mora. Coborn's has a program called "Cash Patrol" where every so often they pick an employee's name and then go to their house and check the cupboards for their store brand, Food Club, items. If you have 25 Food Club items you win $250. I've always had mixed feelings about the program, thinking it's kind of like Big Brother i…

Another BFL ewe lamb!

Rhyn had a beautiful natural colored BFL ewe lamb this afternoon. One leg was bent back, but not all the way back like Lanora's lamb's leg was. This time I didn't go in looking for it like I did with Lanora. But this time it would have been easier to fix and the birth might have been easier for Rhyn. Today's birth wasn't any where near as bad as poor Lanora endured when I kept looking for the other leg... and Rhyn's ewe lamb is vigorous and noisy.
Rhyn has been hungry and so is her lamb. I helped her locate the teat for her first drink and then watched her find it on her own later. Yes!

Check out Hattie's nice black ram lamb. I love this guy! What a chunk he is. Too bad he's got those nice big horns. I want to watch his fleece and see if he shows his modified genetics. So for now, I'll be retaining him and Hannah's lighter moorit ram lamb. They are both very square rams with modified genetics.

I've already found a new home for two of m…