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Having second thoughts about the Burdizzo

In my last post I mentioned having the shearer wether a couple of my crossbred lambs with a burdizzo.
Oh my, I had no idea how awful that burdizzo looks.  I might have him band them today.  Or maybe just leave them intact.  They are so sweet and their fleece is so crimpy and fine, I'd love to keep them for their fiber and wethering them means they could live longer, more peaceful lives. I'll see what the shearer advises.

Can it be??

I can't believe that a whole month has gone by since my last post. So sorry!

Things have been very busy, I was going round and round with financial questions this summer.  Wasting away my days with indecision. Being a Pisces, it's really hard making decisions. I didn't want to fritter away the life insurance $ on my mortgage payments and bills. Finally I went to see a financial adviser and came away with a concrete plan.
I wasn't real happy about his advice to sell my beloved 40 acres, but I had to agree that it is a necessary step if I want to refinance or pay off my home. In his final days, Stan told me to sell the land too, but I really wanted to keep it.  That was the place where I could go and soak up the big blue skies and see eagles and hawks soaring overhead and let Ozzie run to his heart's content.  It was the place where Stan and I had dreamed of the future together.  It was a beautiful parcel of land, peaceful and quiet -- most of the time.  When the ne…