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Knitting projects and Blogs, Blogs, Blogs!

Yes, I know I've been remiss in not posting for so long! I still am not able to get my photos into my computer and that really puts a damper on blogging.

I've been making goat milk soap again. I got some new molds and some fragrance oils last week from Soap Crafters Co. I usually only use essential oils, but the blends of the fragrance oils sounded very tempting, so I'm giving them a try. The photo above is from last fall's round of soapmaking. We still have plenty of soap left, but I love experimenting with the different scents!
I've also gotten back to knitting on third pi shawl. Here's a photo of the second pi shawl I made in January, 2006. It's knitted of purchased laceweight alpaca yarn - very soft! Knitting a pi shawl is a long, relaxing project which is why I keep making them even though I never wear them. I'm almost done with my current one. I'm using Elizabthe Zimmermann's directions for the lace pi in Knitters Almanac and it's be…

Feeling Better

I'm finally feeling somewhat better after days of running a fever, two doctor calls and a trip to the emergency room for IV antibiotics the other night. In addition to my fever was a very tender and swollen lymph gland and a 3x5" rash around a bug bite. I don't recall having a tick there, I was thinking it was monster mosquito bite that itched like crazy (there were two big bites, but just one had the rash). Now I'm thinking they may have been spider bites, but I'm not sure. We fenced off two acres of deer territory in May and I had a couple ticks attached then.
Anyway, I was feeling just awful on Monday morning with a temp of 101. Had to cancel the vet visit so I could see the doctor. He started me on an antibiotic to treat cellulitis and/or Lyme Disease. But the rash got bigger and I was shivering and shaking like people with mylaria in the movies by supper time. My skin just hurt all over. I took my temp around 10 p.m. and it was 103.8 degrees. By the time we…