Pelts for Sale

I have the following pelts available for sale: (click on the image for a larger view)
Gulliver's tanned sheepskin Skinnfell. Washable tan and wood block printing. 34" x 23" Gulliver was a BFL/Shetland cross. $295

The wool side of Gulliver's Skinnfell.

Felt Pelts: Dark grey imported Spelseau (left) and Black Icelandic (right). The Dark Grey Spelseau is 40" x 35" with locks over a foot long, $295; the black Icelandic is 42" x 39", very dense rug, with some VM at the base, no longer available

Back sides of the Imported Spelseau and black Icelandic felt pelts.

Felt Pelts: Light grey imported Spelseau (40" x 35"), $225, and Brown Icelandic (50" x 32"), $200

Back side of the Light Grey Spelseau and Brown Icelandic felt pelts.

Gulliver2, Smudge, and Camille's felt pelts. Gulliver 2 is a Gotland/Shetland, Smudge is Gotland/Teeswater/BFL cross, and Camille is Shetland.

Gulliver2 (34"x23") $160, Smudge (34" x 22") Sold, Camille (35" x 19.5") $150

The back sides of Gulliver2, Smudge, and Camille's felt pelts.

Spot, Curly and Gunther's felt pelts. They are all Gotland/Teeswater crosses. Spot (29" x 20") also has BFL - sold, Curly (29" x 21") also has Wensleydale - sold, and Gunther (27" x 21") also has BFL/Finn, $140

The back sides of Spot, Curly and Gunther's felt pelts.

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