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Merry Christmas!

Damian in the aftermath of gift opening this morning...

The ewes heading out when they saw me coming this morning.

Finished up Alex's handspun handknit socks this morning.  It was a good thing we got snowed in so I could finish them.  I'll put a turkey in the oven this afternoon. We've got a puzzle to work on  and of course the wet sticky snow would make a great snowman.... :-)

Here are the finished baby sweaters before I delivered them on Tuesday.

And I have to include these photos of Camille on Christmas Eve day.  She's such a ham.

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas!

How can I say No?

I just can't. 

So Shachah still comes in for his daily nap.  He just wants to be part of the family too. He looks deceptively small in this photo because Ozzie's on the top step. The good thing is Shachah can't stand to stay in the house very long.

 He here is on duty this morning.

I put Greyson in with the other rams. Granite was chasing him so I tight penned the whole bunch of them overnight.  Look at how little Greyson is compared to them! (The only panel I could find for the end of the catch pen was a cut away creep feeder panel.)  I let them out this morning after taking this photo, but they are still confined in the lean-to which is 8 x 16 feet.  I'm going to run out and check on them now.  I sure wouldn't want anything to happen to Greyson, but I don't want to run three pens of sheep if I can avoid it.

Last week we lost a Barred Rock hen, of course it had to be one of the Barred Rocks, it couldn't have been one of the old girls I need to cull.  I'…

Sheep Pottery, etc.

Here's a photo of some things I wanted to share with you. First is the beautiful sheep pottery.  You may recall that I got the two sheep mugs in trade this past year and now I've been gifted with a matching pitcher!  I will get better photos later.  These were done by my friends Paul & Denise Morris.

Also notice the cute little felted baskets/bags given to me by my new friend, Bro.  The one on the left has a wire handle. They have wonderful little leather labels inside and a hang tang complete with a photo of their makers.  Very cute and a great idea for labeling.  I've been pondering how to label my felt pieces for a while now.

I finished the diagonal lace alpaca scarf a couple weeks ago. It's really long.  I don't know why I made it, I can't wear alpaca, it makes me cough.  Same thing happens when I wear angora.  I found that out way back in high school when I bought the cutest soft pink angora sweater.  Anyway, I've had this alpaca yarn for about 4-5…

Collecting Data

Well, I've finally gotten a few things done around here!  The  BFL breeding groups have been broken up and the boys are back together.  Granite was kicking up his heels with the snow and cold temps this morning. He's top dog in the ram pen.

The biggest project I got done is the 2009 NA BFL Breeders Survey . This is the second year that I have collected data from North American Bluefaced Leicester breeders in an effort to determine production characteristics.  The idea sprung up on the BFL Friends list when several breeders were posting their lambing results in spring of 2008.  A small committee of new BFL breeders (Jody McLean, Linda Wendelboe and myself) developed a short questionnaire which was sent out the members of the Bluefaced Leicester Union of North America along with the Flock Book.  This year's survey was a little more involved than the first year because we included lambing data from crossing BFL sires on other breeds of ewes.  I think the results this year are…

Home from the Shepherd's Holiday

Whew! I spent Friday and Saturday at the Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers annual Shepherd's Holiday. It was held in Alexandria, MN.  This was the first time I've attended the MLWP's annual event and I was pleasantly surprised at what a fun weekend it was. Terri Drimel and I went together (we volunteered to serve on the MLWP Board and were on the ballot - and yes, we got voted in).  Gail VonBargen rode up with a nice shepherd couple who live near her.  It was fun to talk sheep with them and meet new friends. 
The classes were very interesting. I learned new things about terminal sire selection, Scrapie transmission, Nor98, and wool characteristics/fiber production.

The food was great, especially the Greek Marinade Lamb Shanks served at the banquet -- absolutely delicious!  The live auction was fun on Friday night and at the luncheon Saturday we got to see the Make it with Wool entries. That was amazing -- from the youngest little seamstress to the oldest -- lots of reall…

Almost Done...

I'm knitting TWO baby sweaters for this cute set of twin girls.  They belong to a gal I work with. They are about four months old already, so I've had plenty of time to get this project done.
Actually,one IS done, and the second will be done soon -- I hope.

I decided to use an acrylic yarn that would be easy care for a mother of five with a full time job. I found a huge skein of Rainbow Boucle yarn at JoAnne Fabrics last summer and quickly knit up the first sweater. 
That stuff wasn't the easiest to knit with, but it's so soft, it feels like a chenille bathrobe. It wasn't until just last week that I got up the gumption to start the second sweater.

Knitting the second went much faster than the first one.  All I have left to do is knit the sleeves and add the crochet trim and figure out a closure for each sweater.  I worry about using a button closure on a baby item, so maybe a snap would be better?

And I'm not sure about the sleeves.  Do they look like they wil…