Almost Done...

I'm knitting TWO baby sweaters for this cute set of twin girls.  They belong to a gal I work with. They are about four months old already, so I've had plenty of time to get this project done.
Actually,one IS done, and the second will be done soon -- I hope.

I decided to use an acrylic yarn that would be easy care for a mother of five with a full time job. I found a huge skein of Rainbow Boucle yarn at JoAnne Fabrics last summer and quickly knit up the first sweater. 
That stuff wasn't the easiest to knit with, but it's so soft, it feels like a chenille bathrobe. It wasn't until just last week that I got up the gumption to start the second sweater.

Knitting the second went much faster than the first one.  All I have left to do is knit the sleeves and add the crochet trim and figure out a closure for each sweater.  I worry about using a button closure on a baby item, so maybe a snap would be better?

And I'm not sure about the sleeves.  Do they look like they will work, or did I go too narrow?  I adjusted the pattern to fit my gauge with the boucle yarn. 

The sweater is worked in the round up to the armholes and then the back and fronts are worked separately.  The shoulders are joined with a three needle bind off and the collar stitches are picked up and knit.  The sleeve stitches are picked up and the sleeves are worked in the round.  Because the boucle yarn is so soft I added a crochet trim to give it more structure.

I just hope these sweaters will fit them at some point, I haven't the foggiest notion of baby sizes any more.

Okay, now I've got to finish up the laundry and get packed for a trip to Alexandria tomorrow. I'm going to the Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers Annual Conference. I'm looking forward to seeing several of my shepherd friends and attending the sessions on sheep production and fiber.  I took a snippet of Greyson's fleece at the last rib this afternoon...I hope I got close enough to the skin, but it's hard with just a scissors. 

I'm hoping to have it micron tested with the AFD2000 at the conference.  His fleece feels very soft and I love the grey color.


  1. The sweaters are very cute. If you can figure out how to do them snaps would probably be good.

  2. Thanks Kelly, I'll have to check out snap options. I didn't get too far on sleeves this weekend.


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