The Great Maker's Exchange, Sheep for sale

It's been a busy summer! My mom passed away in June and we hosted her celebration of life. I taught a class at the Textile Center in Minneapolis for the Minnesota Feltmaker's Guild, and then two classes at the Midwest Felting Symposium in Madison, and  felted fleece class at North House Folk School. I had a couple small groups here to do felted fleeces also.

This weekend I'll be at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis for the 2018 Great Maker's Exchange. This is a new venue for me, I will be demonstrating in my booth. Last weekend Sid and I did a booth at our friend's winery, Northern Hollow Winery in Grasston, MN.  We've only made it to the Isle Farmer's Market once this summer. So much going on all the time!

Oh my,  I never even posted the photos of the lambs born here this spring! Lambing in May was delightful, all the ewes and lambs did well (except for a stillborn triplet, so sad). But it sure was nice to go out in the morning with coffee to …

Classes in 2018, washing locks, and lambs on the way!

I had a great time teaching the Ecoprinted Nunofelt lampshade class at North House Folk School in February. It was my first time attending the Northern Fibers Retreat weekend in Grand Marais and it didn't disappoint.
Saturday was absolutely beautiful and we were treated to a snowstorm on Sunday. Lake Superior is stunning in the wintertime!

I had a wonderful group of students in my class. There was plenty of time and space to complete our lampshades and as well as nunofelt and bundle some scarves on Sunday while the lampshades were simmering and the snow was falling.

I had surgery to remove a hyperactive parathyroid right after we got home from Grand Marais. What a relief it is to have the surgery done! I had a very stiff and sore neck for a week, but now that I'm almost three weeks post-op, the only pain is when I touch the incision area or when I forget I even had surgery and I stretch my neck too far.

Hopefully I will continue to feel better and regain my energy and focus …

The Promise of Things to Come...

Love is in the air! Gunnar, the Gotland ram from Heidi Quist's flock, arrived for duty on Saturday, December 23rd. If all goes well, I will be inundated with lambs around May17th, right after Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival. Gunnar's getting 15 ewes in his breeding pen, so I should have lots of Gotland cross lambs in 2018.  Included in his breeding group are nine Teeswater cross ewes, two Shetland ewes (River Oaks Camille and her daughter Mystery), two Shetland/BFL ewes, Roxie, my Finn/BFL ewe, and Wanda, my Wensleydale/BFL ewe. In the photo above, Gunnar is getting to know Wanda's 2015 daughter, #123. Look as those fleeces!

Sid and I bottled up another batch of Limoncello. We gave a few bottles as Christmas gifts and have a lot left to enjoy ourselves. I hadn't ever had it before I met Sid. He had a gallon jar of lemon peelings in alcohol for months when we first started going out. I didn't exactly know what it was for, but when he removed the peeli…

Christmas, Skinfell, and Stones

It's almost Christmas and life has been busy for Sid and I. This is our third Christmas together in our house in Ogilvie. He called the place Terrapin Ridge (for all the turtles that come up from the backwaters of Ann Lake to lay their eggs every spring) and I call it River Oaks West, since I moved my entire flock and my studio here in June of 2015.
My first Christmas here, Sid informed me that his tradition is to have a living Christmas tree. I was fine with that because I hate the thought of killing a tree for a few weeks of decoration. For several years, I used my beautiful Norfolk Island Pine houseplant as a Christmas tree. Finally it got too big for our little house and I had to rehome it. Anyway, Sid and I decided to get a Norfolk Island Pine, but when we went looking for one at the usual spots, there were none to be found except for a very expensive one at the local florist. So Sid ordered one from Amazon, it was so little and cute! This year it's at least three times…

Something Fun and just in Time for Halloween

After a little trial and error, well actually a lot of trail and error -- I'll do better next time -- I came up with this nice warm and wooly sheep hood/hat.

Made of Teeswater locks with a Bluefaced Leicester base, wet felted and needle felted. I still need to add a few finishing touches and a closure under the chin, but I like it so far.

Shetland, Shepherd's Harvest and New Sheep!

It's already mid-July and I am so behind! The garden didn't even get planted until July 1st. I hope we have a late frost again this year.
I had a wonderful 11 days in Scotland in May, including 9 days in Shetland at a felting retreat with Fiona Duthie! It was an amazing trip -- such a beautiful, peaceful place.

Fiona had our days all planned out and we had plenty of time for felting in some fabulous places.
We ate so well, learned about the history of Shetland, the land, the art, the sheep, and the people. Each day was better than the one before. I would love to go back!

I was able to purchase four natural colored Shetland fleeces from Uradale Farm. I shipped them home and I've finished one so far. The color is stunning on it. I will felt them all this summer.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth at Shepherd's Harvest and/or took my Cobweb Felt Floor lamp class. It's always so much fun reconnecting with people at Shepherd's Harvest!

As you may know, I did…

Getting ready for Shepherd's Harvest!

Wow, it's May already and that means Shepherd's Harvest Sheep & Wool Festival is right around the corner!

I will have a booth in Building D again this year -- right next to my neighbor and friend, Denise Morris, of Morris Pottery.  I will be selling my homegrown TeeswaterX raw and washed locks, BFL and Shetland combed top and roving, and maybe a few skirted fleeces.  I will have plenty of felt pelts, a couple felted vests, some ecoprinted nunofelt cowls/scarves, handcrafted soap and lip balm, and a few washable tanned hides.
Sid and I will also have some fiber equipment for sale. Including this nice Swedish 28" four harness Lillstina loom. And it's already warped! SOLD

We also have this single treadle Louet S10 with a jumbo flyer and 5 bobbins (2 jumbo, 3 regular) and built-in Lazy Kate for sale.  SOLD
We've updated it with a new drive band, brake band set, footman connector, and footman to treadle connector. Come and give it a spin! SOLD

The bobbins included …