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Open Studio on FeltUnited Day - October 1st

Open Studio on FeltUnited Day!
Saturday, October 1, 2011
The public is invited to my studio to make some felt on Saturday, October 1, from 1-4 p.m.
2157 River Oaks Circle, Mora, MN 55051

This event is part of a grant project put on by the Mora Comprehensive Arts Project Planning committee.  It involves six area artists working in photography, painting, collage, pottery, metal and of course, FELT.

The six artists opened their studios to children in August and then to the public this fall.  The goal is to create art at each studio that will be integrated into a collaborative piece.  The overriding theme of the project is nature -- trees, and leaves. So we'll be making felt leaves, twigs and flowers at my studio. 

In keeping with the FeltUnited theme for 2011, we’ll be using red, blue, and purple fiber.  Come and be part of a local collaborative work and part of a worldwide celebration of felt all at the same time!

*This activity is funded in part by a grant from the East Central Reg…

Lincoln Fleece & other stuff

I finally got a good sized felting project done last night!  Linda from Wisconsin sent me a 15 pound raw Lincoln fleece last week as part of a trade for a BFL ram lamb.  I couldn’t wait to felt it!  I skirted away about half so it would fit on my pool cover/bubble wrap which is 40“ x 8‘ long -- and because wool gets really heavy when wet.
This was a heavy project, but I didn’t even use my felt rolling machine. It was all done with elbow grease and hot soapy water.  The finished size is 62” x 33”.  It’s still quite damp and heavy.  I hope it lightens up enough to be a blanket.  The Lincoln fleece is coarser than the other breeds I've felted, but it's so lustrous and those locks are so thick they remind me of pasta.

Stan spent almost two weeks in the hospital dealing with severe side effects of chemotherapy.  He’s home again now and feeling pretty good. He was very sick when they admitted him, it’s such a relief to see him doing better again. His oncologist is mulling over…