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Sheep Mug/Green Egg/Roses

I'm totally immersed in a big project right now, but I'm taking a minute out to do a quick post -- seems like it's been so long! I've enjoyed reading everyone's blogs lately, seeing new the lamb photos and sharing the ups and downs of my friends' lives.

Check out the great mug my friends, Denise and Paul Morris made for me. Paul throws the pots and Denise decorates them. She really can capture the movement of animals in a few strokes.

Normally Denise does horses, deer and rabbits, but she thought a custom sheep mug would be just what I needed. Yes! In addition to the sheep, love the smaller size, elegant shape and the detailing on this one. I have another mug coming, it's supposed to be bigger, maybe Stan can use that one. I just love this one!

Our Americauna FINALLY laid her first egg last week - at 8 months old! I was beginning to wonder if she'd ever lay. The Red-stars (gold sex-links) have been laying well for three months already. Those Red S…

Baby Jacket Pattern/Hotdish of the Day/Links

I just sent an email and realized it was full of links that might be of interest to others, so here's a very quick post.

First - check out this very cute cabled baby jacket pattern. I found the link on Julie's Greatwool blog. I wish I could write like Julie does! I might try knitting this jacket, it's so cute.

I came up with a new hotdish made from things we produce right here and a cup of rice. I went to make Sloppy Joes when I realized my lamb-burger was in fact lamb bratwurst. (We don't put our bratwurst in casings, we just grind up our lamb trimmings and add the seasonings). So I decided to add some diced onions, frozen green peppers, tomatoes, and corn to it and also a cup of rice. It made a pretty good ground lamb hotdish. Yummm!

I used to spend a lot of time canning the tomatoes from my garden, but once I found about about freezing them I never went back. (Well, I still do make canned tomato juice - but that's pretty easy too.) I think frozen tomatoes …

Things have been BUSY!

I'm so glad to finally get a chance to catch up here on the blog. The past week was a blur of activity. In the photo above you see my poor hungry girls waiting to be fed. The weather here has been so nice and warm lately. I love it!

The art show ended at 4:00 this afternoon, I helped out with clean up and got home around 5:30. I felt guilty about leaving people there with lots of work still to be done, but I wanted to get home and feed the sheep.
I missed seeing the sheep all day yesterday when Terri Drimel and I went to the Indian Wisconsin Shepherd's Clinic in Rice Lake. I had a great time, but I'm not so sure about poor Terri, who had to listen to me prattle on and on with all my ideas and opinions on sheep production. I came away from the day with lots of food for thought. The classes were very good.

The art show was well attended, but sales were way down this year, which isn't surprising given the tough economy right now. The art club hired a very complimentary gue…