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Good bye to 2011

The end of the year is upon us. As usual, 2011 went by way too fast.  I could have never imagined all the changes that have taken place in my life at the beginning of this year, but the year was filled with beauty, excitement, love and grief.  Certainly a year filled with LIFE and LIVING and that's what it's all about.

Last year at Christmas I was on a creative bender, enjoying all the things I could do with felt.  The purchase of the felt rolling machine made it possible for me to make yardages. I made my first felt garments and then started mixing my felt with stitching and twigs and rocks from the pasture. The compositions were just falling into place so easily!  I knew it was a special time.

In February I was involved in several grant projects and  the Vasaloppet Art show where my work was hung front and center for all to see when they walked in the door.  It was quite an honor to finally get placed there. :-)  I was still working on my rolling machine grant and trying to …

Hold Your Loved Ones Close

This photo of Tippee and her son Damian speaks for me this Christmas.

I haven't been really in the Christmas spirit, but time marches on and so does Christmas. Tomorrow I'll go down to my mom's for dinner and stop in at the in-laws on the way home.  We are lucky that Stan's brother and sisters live pretty close to my mom so we can go to both places on the holidays.

The boys are out finishing up their shopping, they haven't even wrapped anything yet (5:45 on Christmas Eve).  They come up here to do that. :-)  They've got a puzzle started and I'll help with that tonight after I finish up a couple more batches of pizzelles.  I've got a cherry pie cooling and I put a duck in the oven for our Christmas Eve dinner.

I love duck, but I didn't want to butcher my female muscovies this fall, so I re-homed them with the promise of getting one back in the spring.  Then I spent $3.49/lb. on a duck from the grocery store.  It smells so good, I use a recipe called…

My First Pizzelles!

Thinking ahead to Christmas gifts, I ordered myself a pizzelle baker on Cyber Monday.  I've wanted one for years. One of the ladies in our art group always gives a coffee can full of pizzelles to everyone for Christmas and I thought that would be a fun thing for me to do, too.

You can see a couple got a little dark there, but they still tasted great.

I also got a new camera.  I don't know how my little Olympus suddenly developed a big streak across the LED screen, but I found it hard to take good quality fleece shots with that camera.  So this time I ordered the same model as Michelle McMillen, her photos are always fantastic. It's a Lumix. I know Kelly Bartels has a Lumix camera too and her photos are great too.  I hope my photos will improve with a better camera. I love it already even though I haven't used it very much. It's more intuitive than the Canon I had and I think the quality of the photos will be much better.

Stan would have turned 60 on Tuesday this w…