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He's Here! Ile de France ram lamb

Our new Ile de France ram lamb arrived right on schedule Tuesday. I still need to think up a name for him. I've been so busy this week I haven't gotten any good daylight photos of him, these were taken at dusk. He's bunking with Socks, our Shetland Mule wether for the time being. They are pretty close in size. He was born in June, so he's got a lot of growing to do this fall. I traded Lena, my best Shetland Mule ewe lamb (Socks' twin) for him.

My house has been a mess with wool all over the place. Last week I shipped out two batches of fiber for combed top. Tuesday I got the email confirmation that my package was delivered and this morning (Thursday) I got a call from Zeilinger's saying musket batch is already done! That is amazingly fast. Hopefully the white batch will be completed soon. I've got lots more fiber ready to send in for comforter batts and roving (dark moorit, mioget, white Shetland Mule lamb fleeces). It will be so nice having space i…

The End of Summer and a fenceline hay feeder

The weather here in east central Minnesota has been fantastic lately. I love the glorious last days of summer where mosquitoes aren't an issue, the garden is producing like crazy, the lambs are almost grown and weaning is forgotten in the past. Fall breeding plans are on everyone's mind and the leaves are starting to turn colors. It's such a great time of year!

The apple tree is loaded with apples.

The flowers have filled in their pots...

Last year's poinsettia is looking fantastic...I hope I can get it to bloom again this year.
And look at Dougal's fleece! Yes, life is good this time of year...

BUT.....In the past few weeks, all of our vehicles decided to have issues. The old Pontiac 6000 was deemed too old to fix again so we junked it out. Our oldest son bought this car with financing from his grandpa. When he upgraded to a newer car, we bought it from him so his younger brother could learn to drive with it. When the youngest got a newer car, Stan decided to drive …

The Escapee

Well here she is, the old ewe that escaped the slaughter truck. She was seen with another sheep on the highway, but so far I haven't heard anything more about the other one. Who knows how long this poor old girl was on her own. You can see in the photo she's got some swelling on her jaw. Maybe a bad tooth? But she's safe now and eating normally.

For me, this story started on Tuesday night when the sheriff's office called asking if I still had sheep. Right away the hair stands up on your neck when you get a call like that. Was I missing a sheep? Well, not that I knew of...I ran out and counted everyone as soon as I got off the phone.

The sheriff's office told me there was a sheep with a rope around its belly camped out on someone's deck about 1 mile away from me. She had climbed two flights of stairs and wouldn't leave. She had tags in her ears, so the first person they called thought she could be one of mine.

I know a gal with sheep who lives over that w…

Home from Jefferson !

Well, I had a great time at Jefferson! I rode over with Kim Nikolai and Terri Drimel. First stop was Terri's place where I got to see her flock of sheep and llamas. Then it was on to Kim's after dropping off my son at his friend's place. We got a good look Kim's cute little puppies and her flock. We arrived in Jefferson around 8 p.m. and stopped in the Shetland barn. It was nice to see all the Shetland folks that night. I finally got to met Shelley Gooch. Above you see a photo of her Jacob ram Mederic. Look at those horns! I'm glad I don't have to deal with anything like that!

I didn't bring my sheep after all. There were several runny noses in my flock last week. I didn't want to be "the one" to spread any sickness to the other sheep at the show. I brought my Shetland Mules to the vet on Thursday night and he said it was just a mild seasonal upper respiratory thing (the temps went from VERY hot and humid to VERY cool and crisp), but t…

Last Minute Jitters & Tips for a Better life

I am a nervous wreck about showing/bringing sheep to Jefferson! I noticed Nancy K's blog shows the same kind of nervous thinking and she's an old pro at showing sheep. This must be a common feeling. I've only shown a sheep once before. It was a purchased ram and at least HE was experienced. ;-)

My yearling Shetland Mule is dirty and she's not halter trained. Like most of my sheep, she loves when I trim her up with the hand shears. So that's what I've done so far. I don't know if I should hose her down and wash her up or not.

McIntire and Julius have been true sweethearts with their halter training. They just stand around looking guilty when I put the halter on them. Julius is a natural and will walk with me pretty well. But he has developed a cold and I can't bring him along. I'm not sure I should bring McIntire either now.

And Lena, the Shetland Mule lamb I planned to bring had a bit of runny nose last night. Maybe I'm being paranoid. I hav…