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Some photos of the Animals

Hansel got a reprieve from his appointment with the butcher on Monday. He's such a sweet ram, not aggressive to people in the least. And he's been behaving so well with the flock, I called and cancelled his appointment.  His fleece is a beautiful grey under those honey colored tips and I want to get my hands on it again this year.  That's Socks, our wether (and the famous Lena's twin brother) behind Hansel.  Socks' fleece is always in great demand by handspinners at Shepherds Harvest, but I hope to raw felt it this year. Socks is a 50/50 Shetland/Bluefaced Leicester cross.

I only hope that if my Bluefaced Leicester yearlings lamb this year, their babies will have that same crimpy fleece that Socks and the other BFL sired crosses have had. It will be interesting to see how doing things the opposite way (BFL ewe and Shetland sire) will affect the lambs.
And here's Ozzie on a happy outing to the west 40 in Ogilvie.  Ozzie gets so excited whenever I ask him if he …