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Yesterday morning...


Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!
I know I posted the wiseman photo before, but I thought it was worth repeating for a Christmas post.

When you live on a dead-end, not a lot of holiday lighting is necessary!
Unfortunatley Ozzie blinked and the kitty hopped out of the bag, so no retakes. I'm off to quickly throw together the obligatory greenbean casserole and celebrate with the families in the Twin Cities.

Felt Garments!


I have a long way to go in learning how to make felted garments, but so far I've made a vest for Stan and a jacket for me and I'm having a blast.   Yes, Christmas is looming up this weekend, but I've been on a creative bender.  Good thing we aren't exchanging a lot of gifts this year and everyone knows it.

I started sewing in 4th grade. I remember that I made a corduroy jumper.  I was thrilled with it until my mother mentioned that the nap didn't match (so the fabric pieces took the light slightly differently).  Drat!

Well, that became the story of my sewing life.  Along with my friends, I sewed quite a few of my own clothes during high school, but I never felt I was good enough at my finishing skills.  My hem stitches always seemed to stand out like beacons at sea and my zipper stitching always looked a little crooked.

I suppose it's like when you wallpaper your own rooms, the tiny imperfections that no one else notices glare out at you.  Gosh, now that I …

Breeding Groups/Breeding Plans

Lots of snow here in Minnesota this weekend.  It's worse to the south of us; so much so that the MetroDome roof has collapsed and there's no Viking game today.  The temps will be getting down in the teens and twenties below zero and the wind is cold.  The sheep don't seem to notice, they have plenty of bedding and shelter.
In this kind of weather I am really happy to be down to just two groups of sheep again. I decided to let my Socks, Mule wether, and Pokey, the Dorset cross ram lamb, run with the Bluefaced Leicester breeding group about a week ago.

Harwell's been in with the ewes since October, so they should already be bred, but Pokey is my back up ram just in case.  As a ram lamb last year, Harwell didn't get his two ewes bred.  Pokey's little, but he's spunky.  The unnerving thing is I've actually seen him trying to mount a couple of my natural colored BFL ewes and they've been standing for him.  The first time I saw it happen it was with the ewe…

Homemade Sheep Covers

After seeing how tight the size C Rocky Mountain sheep covers were on my Shetland ewe lambs, I made three more coats out of some white canvas fabric that I had on hand. I hope they hold up during use. In the back of the photo above is size C tan Rocky Mountain Sheep cover. In the center is a homemade version just a little larger and the one in the foreground is larger yet. I made another that was even larger, but was surprised to find that it wasn't long enough to fit 4 year old Hattie. Back to the drawing board for my yearling and adult ewes.
I put the smallest homemade coat on my moorit ewe lamb.  It's kind of big, but I think it will work. The black ewe lamb in the photo above is wearing a nylon coat of a different brand. A little too small.

As I was sewing these, I thought to myself that the Rocky Mountain coats would probably fit if only the front was a bit wider. So I extended the front of one and tried it out on my Ag grey ewe lamb, shown on the right in the photo below.

Weekend Adventures


 What a weekend! It all started with a horrendous drive to the Twin Cities on Friday afternoon in rush hour traffic and snow.  I started out at 2 p.m. with plans to meet Terri Drimmel at my son's place in St. Louis Park and ride together to the 8 p.m. Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers Board meeting. Being the secretary, I hadn't missed a Board meeting and I certainly couldn't let a winter storm warning keep me from attending the annual conference being held on Saturday and Sunday.  Normally the trip from here to Morton would take about 3 1/2 hours.  I got to my son's at 5 p.m. and Terri didn't get there until 7 p.m. There was just no way we would make it in time for the 8 o'clock Board meeting.  Oh well, at least we made it Morton, MN safe and sound a little after 10:30 and we had a great time the rest of the weekend.

After working on the new logo for the Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers, it was so cool to see it on merchandise.  I just had to buy …