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When One Door Closes....

Another door opens. I believe that, I am a person who looks forward to change.

I found out on Jan. 24th, that I only have two days left of my employment at the ortho office. So now I'm looking for something new. So far a few opportunities have arisen and I'm excited about the possibilities and choices to be made. The oil painting above is titled "Snowed In". I painted it back in 1994 or so. I thought it was appropriate for this post, although I don't feel snowed in at all. I liked that open door! A few weeks ago I volunteered at our local Community Action Agency to prepare income taxes for low-income individual and families. The training has been lots of fun and I passed my basic certification test yesterday. If you're good with numbers and have some tax experience, you might want to consider volunteering too. Learning more about taxes can only be good for us shepherds and if we can also help others, that makes it even better.

It's cold outside!

Thank goodness I picked up the Babydoll sheep last weekend rather than this weekend! We're having a cold snap here. It's been about -20F the past two nights and the high yesterday was below zero. Not to mention windchills in the -30 to -40's. This is one time when I appreciate the layer of wasted hay in the shelters. The sheep dig nests and hunker down in the bedding at night. During the day they don't even seem to notice the cold temps. You can see the Babydolls are well insulated in the photo of our wether above. The BFL's don't have such a dense coat, but they are doing fine too. I never thought about their big ears getting frozen, but I guess it's something to watch out for. I started giving the flock some whole corn the other day. Our hay isn't the best, so I wanted them to have more groceries. However, now they want corn whenever they see me! And some of the hungrier ones (Granite and Derra) have no problem clearing the hog panel in the pole bu…

They're Here!

I picked up my two BabyDoll sheep today. After a lot of contemplation, I decided to just get the two wethers for ram companions as I had originally planned. It was quite an ordeal, but as I finally pushed the second "wether" into his dog kennel for the ride home, and I found a little surprise package! So it looks like I ended up with a ram and a wether in spite of myself. Oh well, we'll see what this little change of plans brings. :-)
I've come to accept "accidents" like this as opportunities to see what the universe has in store for me. This change of outlook came after I accidentally bought Brandywine tomatoes instead of my usual variety. I was pretty upset with the greenhouse for the mix up, but I was in the middle of planting my garden when I figured it out. So I grumbled and planted the Brandywines anyway. They were the best tomatoes I've ever grown! Huge, meaty, and they do not get blight. Every fall, I have to dig through a jungle of green…

What am I doing???

Oh my gosh how times flies! I haven't posted here since Christmas Eve. I haven't had a lot to say I guess. That and the fact that I've been spending too much time at the new Shetland Sheep forum. Above is a photo of the latest things I've been working on, not the knitting so much, but the felting.
Well yesterday was an exciting day for me. I met a small group of extremely talented felters and I was blown away by their work. Fabulous vessels, garments, jewelry, hats! I felt pretty humble sharing my needle felted sheep and heads and my nuno felt scarves and landscapes. But they were incredibly gracious and helpful. After a delicious lunch we fulled a couple of my scarves and then watched really cool felting DVD (by Judit, I forget her last name, but the video is available from Susan's Fiber Shop). I'm so inspired, I hope to get some serious felting done. I have been experimenting a lot with the medium lately. This morning I even felted an egg! Okay, so it's o…