They're Here!

I picked up my two BabyDoll sheep today. After a lot of contemplation, I decided to just get the two wethers for ram companions as I had originally planned. It was quite an ordeal, but as I finally pushed the second "wether" into his dog kennel for the ride home, and I found a little surprise package! So it looks like I ended up with a ram and a wether in spite of myself.
Oh well, we'll see what this little change of plans brings. :-)

I've come to accept "accidents" like this as opportunities to see what the universe has in store for me. This change of outlook came after I accidentally bought Brandywine tomatoes instead of my usual variety. I was pretty upset with the greenhouse for the mix up, but I was in the middle of planting my garden when I figured it out. So I grumbled and planted the Brandywines anyway. They were the best tomatoes I've ever grown! Huge, meaty, and they do not get blight. Every fall, I have to dig through a jungle of green leaves to pick all the tomatoes when we get our first frost warning. I keep the green tomatoes in a box and we have homegrown tomatoes all the way into November. Brandywines are a heritage breed tomato and by saving the seeds for next year's tomatoes, I've got my own strain. I've shared the seeds with others and they have returned seeds to me when I get too busy to collect my own.

So we'll see what happens with our accidental BabyDoll ram. My first job will be to clip some of the hair from around his eyes.


  1. They look just like the teddy bear sunflower I want to plant this year! How cute. I hope everything goes well with your new ram. And congratulations on the new sheep.

  2. That's what I thought when I saw them -- teddy bears! Not my favorite look for a sheep . . . I favor clean heads like the Cheviots have.

  3. You're CRAZY!!!


    I can't wait to see what you do with these guys...

  4. LOL! Yes they're very different from the Shetlands and Bluefaced Leicesters. I think they look like Ewoks, remember them from the Star Wars movies? They are very friendly, quiet little guys. I'm just happy to get Jemma back in with the other ewes and have companions for Dougal. I'm also anxious to see what their fleeces are like this spring. And if I decide to sell them, I'm sure I'd be able to get a LOT more than what I paid for them. :-)

  5. I used to have some southdown, but never the babydolls. I love the stretchy nature of the southdown yarns, but you do have to be extra careful to prevent pilling.

    wow, I neglected to keep up with my blog reading for a few weeks and you get some babydolls! They are so adorable. Good luck herding them. My southdowns never could be herded worth a crap. They were quite nasty to our Aussie. They would just stand their ground, stomping their feet, etc and occasionally sent him rolling if they saw a chance to catch him off guard. Really kind of comical (unless you really needed them to be herded somewhere).

  6. Hey! This is exciting! Can't wait to see what you do with them, Becky. I have never seen one of these "in person" so I'm anxious to see what you do with them. :) WoHoo! :)

    Did you get a new barn built? (See, I haven't been in the loop for a while. ) ;-)


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