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Happy holidays

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with family and friends and staying warm. The weather here in December has been a challenge for me.  I'm sure tempted to become a snowbird next year.  The other morning I was trudging out to the pole barn to feed the sheep, the temp was in the double digits below zero.  I was thinking how hard this weather is, the constant shoveling, the vehicles that won't start, the tires that go flat, the latches that won't open, etc., etc.  And I looked up to see my sheep leaping like lambs in the sparking white snow with the sun rising in the background. How could I be unhappy after seeing that?
I'm glad the sheep can handle the cold weather so easily. I am down to just 12 sheep now. I have plenty of shelter for them and I should have enough hay to last me until May, so I can breathe a sigh of relief. 
My Bluefaced Leicester ram lamb, Red Oak Mason, has been staying with my neighbor, but I expect he'll be returning soon and then I'…


Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone already! I am thankful for my family and my good friends and neighbors. I'm thankful that I have been able to stay in my house and keep my animals so far. I'm not sure how long I will be able to continue this lifestyle.  The high cost of hay and feed makes keeping the animals a lot more challenging. Life goes on and new doors are waiting to be opened.
I am thankful for my healthy sheep flock and for the people who purchased sheep and lambs from me this year. I'm happy to find good homes for them.  I am grateful for my beautiful quartet of Saxony ducks (and all the delicious ducks in the freezer).  My exhibit at the Cambridge Center for the Arts ended on Nov. 23rd. Thanks everyone who took the time to go and see it. And special thanks to the ladies at CCFA, they were a joy to work with.

I'll be doing some more classes at Anoka Fiber Works, a hat class in December and felted house slippers/boots in January. See th…