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Cambridge Fiber Fair and a New Finn Ram lamb

Last minute preparations for my booth at the Cambridge Fiber Fair tomorrow.

There was a nice write up in the local paper about the fair and a couple of us fiber producers who will be there. Click here to view the article.

I'm having a blast going through my stash.  I'm finding fibers I haven't seen in ages and they are giving me lots of ideas for new projects.  I decided to drumcard some hand-dyed roving from Bramble Hetty's 2006 fleece into these colorful fluffy batts.

Life has been busy again this month. I traded my sweet little moorit gulmoget polled Shetland ram lamb to Gail V. in exchange for a Finn ram lamb. He's a beautiful color and has the tiniest little tail!

I will probably put him in with 2-3 ewes this fall.  I know I didn't really want to breed any sheep this fall, but the thought of a luscious Bluefaced Leicester/Finn fleece is very tempting.  Luna didn't lamb in 2012 so she's the one BFL I'll put in with Mr. Finn.  And good old Riv…