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Spring Lambs!

This has been the winter that just won't let go. The April snows have been frequent and heavy. I am stiff and sore from shoveling all the time and very anxious for the grass to start growing.

Hay is VERY expensive due to last summer's drought and this never-ending winter.  I saw some nice small square grass/clover bales sell for $8.10 this morning. Wow, over $200 for a small stack of 25 bales! 

But the good news is that lambs have started to arrive --

Rita had a set of triplets in the wee hours of April 20.  Two ewe lambs and a ram lamb.  I knew she was going into labor and I was watching her like a hawk. But I finally went to bed at midnight to get some rest because I had a class to teach the next day.  I woke up at 4 a.m. and checked the barn cam. I could see there were two big lambs with her. So I went out to jug them and found a very small wet ewe off to the side all by herself.  She had been licked off, but she hadn't been up yet.  It was very cold out that night.  S…