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Lambs, lambs and more lambs!!!

Things are happening fast here at River Oaks Farm & Studio -- so fast that I don't have time to post!
In this post we'll start off with photos of all the beautiful lambs that were born in March.
Luna started our lambing off on March 13th with a set of triplets which I thought were sired by Jester, my 94% Teeswater ram.  I witnessed Jester breeding Luna and marked the calendar. Sure enough, she lambed right on schedule, two ram lambs and a ewe lamb. But as they have grown older, I noticed that their faces are narrower and not as fuzzy as Jester's lambs. Also the natural colored lamb is definitely gulmoget and there were no other colored lambs sired by Jester. Then it dawned on me that a little white BFL/Shetland ram lamb (whose mother is gulmoget) was in the next pen. Then I remembered he managed to get into Jester's breeding pen early on. So now I'm thinking these three are 3/4 BFL and 1/4 Shetland.  Oh well, they have very soft fleeces, the natural colored one…