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Sheep for sale

The lambs are all here, it was a ram year for me, 8 boys, and only 2 girls. So now I have several Finn-sired ram lambs for sale. They can be wethered for fiber pets/lawnmowers or kept intact for breeding some nice colorful fleeces into your flock.

Finn/Bluefaced Leicesters:available now, sired by Little Red Oak Jari, a registered Brown Finn quadruplet.

Triplet ram lamb. Born 4/20/2013.  English Blue pattern with spotted face. Nice ram lamb with excellent fleece, on right in photo above. Dam is River Oaks, Rita, registered natural colored Bluefaced Leicester. $150

Single wethered lamb, born 4/22/2013.  English Blue pattern with light great spotting on face and body. This is a big boy with excellent fleece. On left in photos above and below. Dam is River Oaks Leta, registered white Bluefaced Leicester. $125

I'm still deciding on whether or not to sell the white ram lamb. I'd love to keep him, his fleece isn't as crimpy as the other two BFL/Finn rams, but it's very soft. …