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Quick Catch Up Post

Sorry I haven't kept up with the blog.  It seems there's always so much to do around here.

Sheep News_ 
Lambing Done- 12 lambs born, 7 ewe lambs, 5 ram lambs.  Two Shetland rams are for sale, see the sales page for photos of them in their younger days.  They are both friendly, with fine, crimpy moorit fleece.  One polled gulmoget.  The other is horned, very solid, good horns.  I want them to go to good homes, will entertain offers.  Also have three crossbred ram lambs if anyone is interested in using one for breeding or fiber.  All the ram lambs are very sweet-natured and friendly like their sire was.

I'm still trying to decide about the ewe lambs, which include a beautiful solid black gulmoget, two emsket gulmogets, an AG grey gulmoget with exceptionally soft fleece, a beautiful musket, and an English Blue/gulmoget crossbred (BFL/Shetland).
I'm so glad lambing is over.  I'm reconsidering if I should breed any ewes next year.  I am not in the market for a ram, but …

Spinning Wheel Find and another Felted Vessel

I went out to garage sales and plant sales this weekend with my oldest son, Alex. (The youngest was in South Carolina all last week for a wedding.  He had a great time, got to swim in the ocean and even got to go para-sailing -- glad I didn't know about that ahead of time.)

I came across this little double drive saxony wheel at one of the sales.  It was very reasonably priced, but it didn't have a drive band installed, so I couldn't really test it out much. The single treadle worked well and I could see the bobbin was broken. I made an offer an brought it home, much to the chagrin of Alex  -- some people just don't understand the need for multiple wheels or the excitement of finding a spinning wheel in the wild.  There is nothing but the initials O.T.S. on the bottom.  I wonder how old it is.

When we finally got home and I installed a drive band, I found that the double drive doesn't work with that broken bobbin, so I improvised a scotch tension string and spun u…

RIP Mama Hen

My best Buff Chantecler broody hen disappeared without a trace on Friday afternoon.  Her nine 2-week old baby chicks alerted me to the fact that she was gone. There was no sign of attack, except for possibly two little downy feathers, so I'm pretty sure it was a fox.  My neighbor saw a fox that afternoon.  I was gone working my part time job.

She did such a good job with all her babies, she went broody three times last year.  She taught all her chicks how to get up the steps into the barn and to take cover when the big birds flew overhead.  The chicks are getting along pretty well without her, but the first two days they were so lost and chirping for her constantly.

She died doing what she was meant to do, protecting her chicks. She could get pretty ferocious after her chicks hatched out.  A life well lived, but too short.