RIP Mama Hen

My best Buff Chantecler broody hen disappeared without a trace on Friday afternoon.  Her nine 2-week old baby chicks alerted me to the fact that she was gone. There was no sign of attack, except for possibly two little downy feathers, so I'm pretty sure it was a fox.  My neighbor saw a fox that afternoon.  I was gone working my part time job.

She did such a good job with all her babies, she went broody three times last year.  She taught all her chicks how to get up the steps into the barn and to take cover when the big birds flew overhead.  The chicks are getting along pretty well without her, but the first two days they were so lost and chirping for her constantly.

She died doing what she was meant to do, protecting her chicks. She could get pretty ferocious after her chicks hatched out.  A life well lived, but too short. 


  1. Awww, so sad. I've seen a fox around here often, too. Worried for our neighbor's chickens.

  2. So very sorry for your loss. We shot a coyote only one pasture over from our lambs last week. I guess I get the whole "circle of life" thing but those chirping orphaned chicks just break my heart for you.

  3. Oh no Becky, that's a shame. I lost a ewe when her lamb was only 8 weeks old and the lamb nudging her mom to get up was about more than I could stand. I sobbed like a baby then and shed a few tears when I read about your little chicks peeping for a mom that was no longer there.
    We have lost more chickens to predators this year than in all the years we've had poultry...I wonder what is going on?

  4. Sorry about your mama hen. I hope those chicks all grow up safely. Hugs.

  5. So sorry for the Mama hen. Feel your sorrow. Chicks are now growing well I do hope that.


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