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Rita's twins and LOTS of rain

Quick post to show what I found in the barn this morning. Rita with twin gulmoget BFL/Shetland lambs!
The ram lamb is the lighter one in front and the darker ewe lamb is in the back of the photo above. I'm so excited that they are both gulmogets!  But I'm sure they are also English Blue Pattern, which means they will probably have significant side dusting in adulthood.
Rita is being an even better mom that Rose. Rose was pretty noisy that first day when I jugged her and her lamb. Rita seems content to rest. Of course, she did double the work, having twins as a yearling, so she's probably just too tired to give me much trouble. She's going to need lots of nutrition to raise up twins as a yearling.

Rose's little ram is very dark. He's such a little cutie though. I'm kind of tempted to wether both the crossbred rams to keep as fiber producers.  Of course I want to keep all the lambs, but I can't.

Here's a shot of the two linebred gulmoget ewe …

Two more lambs

This weekend both my boys were home to help me put up a fence so I won't have to mow as much lawn. In the midst of all the pounding and running around on Saturday morning, Maddy delivered a little ewe lamb. 

The color on this one is pretty puzzling, she looks decidedly brown on her back half but definitely black on her head. I think maybe she's emsket and Mia's lamb is shaela.

This morning at 4 a.m. I checked the barn cam and saw that Rose had lambed. So I whipped on some sweats and ran out to find she delivered a good sized English Blue Patterned ram lamb.  He's a Shetland/Bluefaced Liecester cross. She had licked him off well and was very attentive to him - great!  I stripped her teats and put a section of hog panel up around them since Maddy was still in the Sydell pen.  Went back in to sleep a little longer. Before going back out, I mixed up some lamb milk replacer with some powdered colostrum.  I've never had a BFL lamb without having to supplemen…

Round two of Lambing Begins

River Oaks Mia surprised me with a little gulmoget ewe lamb late on Monday afternoon. I had the calendar marked for lambs on the 19th, so I wasn't really ready.  Mia's an excellent mom and there were no problems.

This little girl is not Ag grey, she's modified grey like her sire, Somarang Hansel.  Emsket?
It was interesting that Mia was born at 11:50 p.m. on Mother's Day 2011 and she became a mom the day after Mother's Day 2012.  Not really in my plans, but that's the way it is.

So Mia and her Mini-Mia got to christen my new Sydell lambing jug. I just love it! It keeps those pesky older lambs away from the choice hay and corn syrup water that the lambing ewes get right after delivery. I should have bought one way back when I first started off with sheep.

Now I'm waiting on the three Bluefaced Leicesters and Mia's 1/2 sister, Maddie to lamb.  My large natural colored BFL named Rita is marked as due on Saturday, she looks like she could have twins. I&…

Changes are coming

Lots of changes on the horizon here! And the first you may notice is the blog format. I thought it was time for a change from the dark grey background. I like how you can see several posts at a time on this version.
But in order to see the whole post you must click on the header.  Also, you have to move your mouse over  the side bar on the right to get the blog list, followers, etc.  But I like the cleaner, fresher look.
The other big change is going to be to my house  --  I am getting all the windows replaced and new siding!

I am SO blessed to be living here. I have, without a doubt, the very best neighbors in the world. My neighbor's church has volunteered to provide the labor to install the new windows and siding. All I have to do is buy the materials.  :-)))

In the days before Stan died, he told me to talk with my neighbor Tim about getting this done. He said Tim would know the right people to get it done. But Stan and I could never have imagined such a generous offer.  It is…

Shepherd's Harvest weekend/lambing, etc.

Spring has definitely sprung, the stone cherry tree is in full bloom and the dandelions are up.
I've got a full weekend planned, starting on Friday with a day of training for work in Bloomington and going to the Friends School Plant Sale with my oldest son Alex. Now that he's a homeowner he's really gotten into landscaping.   And on Saturday, I'll be at Shepherd's Harvest of course. 
Then I'll visit my mom on Sunday.  It will be the first time in years that I've been able to go home on Mother's Day.
I will not have a booth at Shepherd's Harvest this year. I will judge the felting competition Saturday morning and then shop to my heart's content. :-)  My major purchase will be a lambing jug and a ewe headlock from Sydell.  Thankfully I'll get a 10 % discount for being a member of Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers.
Shearing revealed that 3 of my 4 yearling Bluefaced Leicester ewes are bred (along with two yearling Shetlands). Lambing could s…