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Home Sweet Home?

My apologies for the length and number of photos in this post, with so much to say, I didn't know where to begin...
I meant to post sooner about the wonderful time I had at the Midwest Felting Symposium, but things have been very hectic since I got home -- not in a good way at all. The Symposium was an absolute blast. The classes were excellent, quite challenging, but lots of fun. I learned so much in each of them. Getting acquainted with fellow felters was the best part of the weekend though. The shot above is from the "Hats Inspired By Nature" class taught by Ewa Kuniczak of Scotland. It's missing two students whose hats weren't done the first day. Below is a shot of Ewa performing her magic on my goose hat. I learned some very useful felting techniques from Ewa - what a dynamo she is!
I don't know what possessed me to make a goose hat (with wing flaps on each side!). It doesn't look so good as a hat and I never wear hats anyway, but it make…

On the Road Again!

Well, I'm off to the Midwest Felting Symposium in Madison, WI tomorrow! It's going to be so much fun, immersing myself in felting for four whole days! I'm sure I will learn a lot.
Today I'm busy packing, cleaning, and washing clothes, watering plants, etc. so everything will still be alive when I get home again.
The garden has grown tremendously in the past two weeks. It's shown above on July 7th, and below on July 22nd. The tomatoes are as tall as the corn! I'm sure they will be blown over soon and then my rows will totally seemed like I left lots of space between the rows, but it's sure crowded now. I had to re-seed the lettuce and the spinach, so that's why you see an empty section on the right.

Here's a shot of little Bo, his horns are starting to come in now at 7 weeks old. He's really got a soft fluffy fleece. I can't wait to see how it turns out. When he was born, it was like hair and I was a little disappointed, but it&…

Rain in July

We've been having plenty of rain lately. It's so nice to be able to use my electronet fencing again. For a while there the ground was too hard to insert the posts. In some ways the rain is most welcome and in other ways, it's not.

Yesterday afternoon rain hit fairly hard while I was doing the Pine City Arts Festival. It was then that I discovered my tent needs waterproofing. It handled the drizzly-misty stuff, but when the rain became steady, the drips started in on my inventory. Of course, wool can get wet, no problem, my sheepskins, felted and knitted things are washable, so no problem there either. But sure enough it came in right on the blank note cards and the goat milk soap! After the customers cleared out of my drippy booth, I managed to pack everything up in plastic bags as quickly as possible. I was doing the booth all by myself. I tucked the plastic bags and containers under the tables and ran for my van -- vendors have to park over a block away. Why do I …


Well, our 2008 hay crop is in the barn and not a moment too soon. The rain started about an hour ago. I hope our hay guy got the rest of his bales put away. Our portion of the crop is 21 big squares, plus a broken one which I picked up this morning before the rain hit.

If we keep getting rain this summer, we might even get a second crop this fall. Wouldn't that be great!

Being over on the land watching them baling up the hay last evening reawakened my desire to sell our house and build on that parcel. The amount of forage over there for the sheep is mind boggling. The sheep would be in heaven! And so would I. I love the open space and big sky. Here we are so cramped for pasture and with all the trees, we never get to enjoy the sunsets or sunrises. I know we're no spring chickens, but maybe we could do it...

Here is River Oaks Rueben. He's out of River Oaks Eliza and Windswept Boggart. He's got a great little tail and his horns are looking good so far. I think…

More Flowers and growing lambs

Another Wednesday auction means more flowers to plant!

This is a hanging basket of some type of moon flower. I also got a bunch of begonias. I really like the Ornamental Millet, it looks likes a stalk of corn in the planters.

River Oaks Lana is getting bigger all the time. So pretty too. She got her first CDT vaccination yesterday.

And here's River Oaks Leonie, her fleece is so soft.

Lanora and her ewe lamb, Leora.

And little Bo Diddly, Cora's ram lamb. I'm hoping his horns stay small. He's got excellent conformation.