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Felted Vessel Class

I had a great time in the vessel class taught by Pamela MacGregor at the Textile Center over the past three days.  All the vessels made in class were fabulous.

It's so much fun to see how people work with color and form.

I'm a sucker for purple and blue, so I always gravitate toward that.  But I love the way others use green, reds and golds. And the use of the printed fabrics with nuno prefelt.  Lots of inspiration!

A big thanks to Kris Post for getting this class organized and special thanks to Pam for coming all the way to Minnesota.  It was wonderful to meet fellow Minnesota felters and those that came from out of the area. I was lucky to sit across from Judy Colvin's friend, Kim Miller, from Montana.
Despite the long drive back and forth to Textile Center each day, with a visitation on Friday night for my dear friend Nancy Hoerner, and shearing squeezed in on Saturday morning, I am energized and excited to try making a larger vessel.

Camille's Lambs

According to my observations, Camille was due on March 29th while I was in training at Kansas City.  My son Alex took a week off of work to stay here and care for Ozzie and all my animals.

I had a great time in Kansas City. It's funny that the second fellow student I met there was from Minnesota also and she happened to be the daughter of a longtime member of the KCAA (the local art group I've been in since 1981).  What a small world!  We had a good time shopping and eating and swimming in the hotel pool in the evenings after class.

I called Alex on my breaks to see if Camille had lambed.  No, nope, nothing. Well, that was okay, I figured she must not have taken on the initial breeding. When I got home from my classroom training, there was a lot post classroom self-study and then 2 days of on the job training and then work all week.  It was a BUSY two weeks.  Exhausting, but interesting and fun.

On Sunday I got a chance to look back over my records from last fall's breedin…