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Chickenless and a New Wheel!

First off, I want to say thanks to everyone for the comments on my last post. They were very much appreciated. I wish I could respond to them on the blog. I need to figure out that security glitch! Anyway, I'm not worried about the covenant issue or even the neighbor's dog, it's the zoning changes that scare me. Thanks to Sabrina for checking with Clancy on this too. We'll just have to wait and see what type of changes they propose and then proceed from there. So far I haven't heard anything more.

But the big news here is that we are chickenless for the first time in over 10 years! I sold all my chickens this morning and made out quite nicely. The decision to sell them all didn't have much to do with our neighbor dog situation, I've been toying with the idea since the price of corn and chicken feed went up so much. The girls cut way back on their egg production in September. So out egg sales were hardly paying for the chicken feed.

I put an ad in the…

Change is coming...and it doesn't look good

Well, the dog killing the chicks thing turned out to bring some bad news this way. My neighbor thinks it's my responsibility to keep my chickens penned (which I do, but the little chicks get out and then the mama hen flies over the fence) because hers is a hunting dog and killing birds is what he's supposed to do. Of course there is a law that dogs aren't supposed to run free, but that didn't phase her reasoning.
Anyway, being that she is related to the original owners of the property, she tried to tell me there is a covenant in this neighborhood and actually I'm not even supposed to have chickens or sheep. We built this house 20 years ago and there was never any mention of a covenant when we bought the land. I assured her that she was totally wrong and quoted her the township's zoning laws which state that we can have ten sheep per acre, so I could have 50 sheep here if I wanted.
Afterward, I called the township to see if they ever had a record of a covenan…

Spoke too Soon

Wouldn't you know as soon as I mentioned how the mother hen had kept all her babies safe, the very next morning our blasted neighbor dog came down and killed two of them. A third chick died later. Dang! I hate it when people don't control their dogs! I have told these people before to keep that darn thing home and yet, he's running around the neighborhood loose and they aren't even at home.
It's always eerily quiet after a dog attack. The chicks hide and stay totally silent. Most of them were hiding in trees, some flew up in the branches and some took cover inside the big blue spruce in our front yard. I had no idea how many were killed after I shooed that dog home.
I was so relieved that the mother hen made it through the ordeal with one chick at her side. After about an hour of silence, the surviving chicks slowly started peeping then began coming out of hiding. I really wish they would stay in their pen from now on because I know we can't trust the neighbors…

Growing up fast/fall photos

Here's a photo of Derra (front left), Lucy (center) and Dot (back). This photo will give you an idea of the size of the BFL crosses compared to the purebred Shetlands. Lucy, the purebred Shetland in the center, is one day younger than Derra and almost 6 weeks older than Dot. Here's a close up shot of Dot, isn't she cute? Her fleece is to die for too.

Here's a photo of Eli, I'm hoping his horns will be okay because I think he's a pretty nice ram lamb. His brother, Harley, has one fatal horn and I'm tempted to wether him for his great moorit fleece. But there's no need for so many wethers around here.
I had combed top made from my white and black fleeces this year. I was real happy with the fact that it's free of VM and noils. The white spins up really nice, but you need to wash it after spinning to remove the oils used in the combing process. The black is blended with 12% llama fiber (not real well blended) and it's a shorter staple than the whi…