Growing up fast/fall photos

Here's a photo of Derra (front left), Lucy (center) and Dot (back). This photo will give you an idea of the size of the BFL crosses compared to the purebred Shetlands. Lucy, the purebred Shetland in the center, is one day younger than Derra and almost 6 weeks older than Dot. Here's a close up shot of Dot, isn't she cute? Her fleece is to die for too.

Here's a photo of Eli, I'm hoping his horns will be okay because I think he's a pretty nice ram lamb. His brother, Harley, has one fatal horn and I'm tempted to wether him for his great moorit fleece. But there's no need for so many wethers around here.

I had combed top made from my white and black fleeces this year. I was real happy with the fact that it's free of VM and noils. The white spins up really nice, but you need to wash it after spinning to remove the oils used in the combing process. The black is blended with 12% llama fiber (not real well blended) and it's a shorter staple than the white, not as easy to spin, but nice and soft and BLACK. I have about 7 pounds of white and 5 pounds of black, so I have some for sale.

And last but not least...

The chicks are roosting with their mom now! This is a big step for them, it means they'll soon be on their own within the flock. It's much warmer to roost than it is to sleep on the floor, so they should be okay when their adoptive mama decides to leave them on their own. They're already over 5 weeks old and she's still being a very good mother to them. So far she's done a great job and hasn't lost a single one to predators (knocking on wood). The poor Blue Silkies may never be able to roost... they just have fluff, no feathers. But they are still doing fine too.


  1. Nice photos, Becky. And gorgeous fleece on Eli. You had some terrific fleeces in your flock this year!

  2. Becky those mule lambs are simply adorable!! Can't wait to see some colored mules next spring!!

    And that grey katmoget you have is just simply stunning! You should be proud!

    Eli's fleece looks nice but he appears to not have a straight he high in rear or is his fleece just that much more 'plush'? He looks very stunning otherwise!


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