Fiber Art

Fiber art is a big part of life here at River Oaks Farm and Studio. 
I skirt and wash all the fleeces shortly after shearing in the spring. The washed fleece is sent out to be processed into roving, top, or batts.
As a longtime visual artist, the addition of fiber as an art medium has been a gateway to all kinds of opportunities for creativity -- felting, spinning, dyeing, knitting and quilting -- so many ways to use wool!
Felting is my passion.  Wet or dry, felting is so versatile and efficient.  No need to spin or knit when you can felt your wool into 2- and 3-D items to wear, display and use in your daily activities.
I make scarves, hats, slippers, rugs, and 2-D wool paintings using natural colored and hand-dyed wool from my flock. I like to incorporate silk in my scarves and hats.
I love to share the magic of felt with others. This is a photo of a community felting experience at the Sticks and Stones Art and Cultural Festival held in Mora during September, 2010. Attendees made pre-felt which I then used in the creation of my first rug. Here is a link to a short video taken that weekend -- Sticks and Stones Felting Video from 2010