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Coming up for Air

I'm so happy to finally be done with the Shepherd's Harvest booklet! It's being printed now, but you can download a copy from the website. Unfortunately, Bob Padula won't be at the festival doing the micron testing this year.  The committee members decided it would be best to wait and have him next year along with Phil Berg from the Pipestone Sheep Program.  

Of course I said I would like to have Bob there every year testing fleece samples, but others didn't think there would be much demand for that.  Oh well, I tried and the majority rules!  There are still lots of other cool things going on to draw people in to the festival.  I'll send my fleece samples to Texas A & M again this year.

Events really spun out of control this week with Stan and my brother installing our new kitchen floor on Tuesday, the same day I started my job training and was finalizing the booklet.  The new floor looks great, but it took until this evening to get the kitchen and living ro…

A few photos while I keep working...

Shachah in the morning I had my photos put on a CD so I could share a few here. I got a new laptop yesterday rather than buy myself a new card reader for my old computer (which is almost 5 years old now).  Hopefully I can get the laptop set up in the next few days.  Until then, here are sheep photos from early March.

Ward Harwell - yearling ram

Ward Harwell, what a beautiful face for a guy!

River Oaks Rhaya before shearing
Lanora's face too
Rhaya in front and her mother, Rhyn in back -- before shearing
Things have been so busy around here this week.  We got the shearing done on Monday and all went well. I love the rythym of shearing, the sound of the clipper and the predictable, repetitive motions used to rid the sheep of their fleece. I never like to have a crowd on hand for shearing, the best times are when it's quiet, just the sound of the clippers, the smell of sheep and just Stan and I and the shearer.  I make up the CDT shots ahead of time and labels for each sheep's bag …

So Many topics to cover - so little time!

For a while there I had nothing to blog about, and now a million things are coming to my mind.
Like our new refrigerator and my agonizing day spent trying to get through to the Minnesota Energy Star Rebate program.  Luckily I got through at 8:30 p.m. and reserved my rebate funds just before all the funds ran out -- on the first day of the program!

Also, we had a strange black lab decide to come to our house and stay last weekend. Our LGD Shachah was beside himself trying to get at the stray. Which made it very nervous, but it wouldn't leave our place for some reason.  I couldn't let a strange dog run loose around here with our sheep and poultry, so we had to lock him in our garage while we started calling all the neighbors and the sheriff. Luckily our friend was gracious enough to house the dog while we continue to try to find his owner. We've called the vet's office and put ads on the radio and in the paper.  He's a nice dog and he knows how to sit when told, so h…