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Setting up a Yurt at school this morning.

I got to help Minnesota artist Mary Johnson and her son set up a yurt at Fairview Elementary school this morning. What a fun and exciting learning experience for me!

Here are some photos of the process. Sorry I didn't start taking photos right away. I was taking notes until Mary got me involved in the actual set up.
The first step was to screw the four black pieces of the door frame together.
Then the lattice side was stretched out and curved into a circle which was fitted into slots on each side of the door frame.
Above you can see Mary talking to the students about how the next step is to attach two ropes around the sides and snug them up with loops in the door frame. You can also see the 16 roof slats laying on the floor.
Here is a close up showing how the slats will fit into the metal hoop at the center of the roof. They will use the zip ties to secure the slats to the hoop.

Sorry for the blurry photos (taken with my brand new smartphone), but below you can see the roof slats …

Lattice Scarf Class

I finally got some felting done today!
This was done in preparation for my lattice scarf class on Sunday, Jan. 13 at Creative Souls in Anoka.  I think there are still two spaces left.

Last weekend I worked on a raw felted suri alpaca fleece, but it didn't turn out as I had envisioned, so I pulled off the locks and carded them up. I'm anxious to try some other things with it. I was surprised at how lustrous this white suri alpaca fiber is. It would blend so nicely with my Bluefaced Leicester fiber.

I have decided that in 2013 I must put my felting on the front burner instead of letting other things take up all my time. Granted, there was a lot on my plate this past year, but hopefully things will settle down now and I can create a schedule that will keep me in the studio at least a couple days each week. I could get a lot done with 2 whole days a week in the studio.

I got a deer last week. Actually, I was driving home from doing my Census work and witnessed a deer get hit by c…