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Life is what happens when you were making other plans. 
It's been a stressful week, my husband has been diagnosed with cancer.
At the hospital for further testing today. Prayers for strength and healing greatly appreciated.

One Rose on Our Anniversary

Things are busy as ever these days. Had to take time out to stop and smell the rose!
I just have one rose plant and this one of its two buds. It smells so good!

Since today was our 36th anniversary we decided to go out to a movie and dinner.  It's been so long since we've gone to see a movie in the theater.  None of them sounded very good, until our son told us the storyline of  "Super 8".  So that's the one we saw.  It was action packed, funny, and pretty good. A great way to spend a dreary rainy Tuesday.


In honor of Father's Day, this post is about my dad.
I am fortunate to still have both my parents leading active lives in their 80's.  There were eight of us kids, Dad was a carpenter and avid hunter, still is.  I have him to thank for my appreciation of animals, nature and the environment.

My parents divorced after 40 years of marriage and Dad went to live at the cabin in the woods of Wisconsin (which was always his heart's desire) while mom stayed in the house near the Twin Cities (which was always her heart's desire).  They get along fine with this arrangement; we all have holidays together, etc.

So Dad's still cutting wood for his winter heat, doing odd jobs for people, still hunting turkeys and deer, and generally keeping busy in the woods of Wisconsin with his beloved old dogs. 

Stan loves many of the same things as my dad. In the photo below you can see the Christmas gift that Stan picked out for Dad last year hanging over the door. That thing is huge. I wa…

Wash Day

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. I decided to wash up a couple fleeces -- a shaela Shetland fleece and the white Icelandic fleece I bought at Shepherd's Harvest.
I've read that people soak raw fleeces in cold water before washing.  They say it makes washing the fleece so much easier/faster.  So I gave it a try. I put the laundry tub from my felting studio next to the garden so that the dirty fleece water could be used for the newly planted garden.

Filled it with cold water from the garden hose and added the raw fleece. Let it soak and drained it out. 
The result?  Yes, both the Shetland fleece and the Icelandic fleece washed up with one round of Dawn and just one rinse.

I decided to do it again on Monday with my precious white BFL fleeces. But this time I put the laundry tub right in the garden so the water would easily reach my plantings.

The trouble started when I multi-tasked, tending to the sheep while filling the tub.  Got back to find the tub overflowing and tilting so…

Tomten Baby Sweater in Action

I finally got access to a real live baby to model my version of Elisabeth Zimmermann's Tomten baby sweater!
I get ultra bored with plain old garter stitch and I was using a self striping yarn, so I did my Tomten in stockinette stitch with garter stitch borders.  Then I started worrying that stockinette wasn't as stretchy as garter, but it looks okay on my ultra cute little model! The only thing I need to adjust is the hood, I want to add a few more rows so that it's not so snug.  I had never done a hooded baby sweater before.  The Tomten was a good one to start off with because EZ made it super simple.

Birdhouse Updates

I decided to hang my birch tree landscape birdhouse out in the Honey Locust tree in the backyard. I put it out at 1:30 this afternoon and by 7:30 I saw a little bird already trying to stuff sticks inside!

I'm really enjoying seeing how people and birds have responded to these little felted birdhouses!  Several people at Art in the Hollow yesterday commented that they really liked the natural colored ones, so I'll leave a few of birdhouses plain and decorate the others.

As part of my Forecast public art planning grant (click on the Public Art tab for all the details), I'll be hanging some of them at the Kanabec History Center in Mora this week. I hope the birds in town accept them as readily as the birds out here! The one in our front yard is definitely occupied.

Of course the birds around here aren't overly fussy, I've got a little chipping sparrow in my clematis and a noisy brood in the barn, probably barn swallows.  They chose this box for their nest. 
We ha…

Getting Ready for "Art in the Hollow"

Super busy getting ready for "Art in the Hollow" on Saturday.

I don't know what I was thinking yesterday when I thought I could do 6 birdhouses in one day.
The layout took a LONG time for so many pieces.  So I had one or two in the rolling machine while laying out the others.  I worked on them until 9 p.m. and finally finished shaping them this morning.  They still need to be decorated and hangers added. One decided it wanted to be a vessel with sparkly mylar in the karakul fiber. They are all lined with Shetland Mule fiber and have coarser fiber on the outside for strength.  One is made with Shetland britch wool, one is made with Lincoln fiber, and the rest are all made with Karakul fiber. It's fun seeing how the different fibers felt. I still have an Icelandic fleece to try.
I was working so hard on the birdhouses down in the basement, I missed the UPS guy when he dropped off my wool from Zeilingers. Finding this big box was a happy surprise when I went outside aroun…