Birdhouse Updates

I decided to hang my birch tree landscape birdhouse out in the Honey Locust tree in the backyard. I put it out at 1:30 this afternoon and by 7:30 I saw a little bird already trying to stuff sticks inside!

I'm really enjoying seeing how people and birds have responded to these little felted birdhouses!  Several people at Art in the Hollow yesterday commented that they really liked the natural colored ones, so I'll leave a few of birdhouses plain and decorate the others.

As part of my Forecast public art planning grant (click on the Public Art tab for all the details), I'll be hanging some of them at the Kanabec History Center in Mora this week. I hope the birds in town accept them as readily as the birds out here! The one in our front yard is definitely occupied.

Of course the birds around here aren't overly fussy, I've got a little chipping sparrow in my clematis and a noisy brood in the barn, probably barn swallows.  They chose this box for their nest. 
We had it up in the rafters for storage.  I haven't seen the occupants yet, but I sure can hear them!

And here's a shot of my Bridal Wreath Spirea, it's finally got a space where it can grow unencumbered.


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