Tomten Baby Sweater in Action

I finally got access to a real live baby to model my version of Elisabeth Zimmermann's Tomten baby sweater!
I get ultra bored with plain old garter stitch and I was using a self striping yarn, so I did my Tomten in stockinette stitch with garter stitch borders.  Then I started worrying that stockinette wasn't as stretchy as garter, but it looks okay on my ultra cute little model! The only thing I need to adjust is the hood, I want to add a few more rows so that it's not so snug.  I had never done a hooded baby sweater before.  The Tomten was a good one to start off with because EZ made it super simple.


  1. Very cute! I've only done (several) EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket.

  2. Thanks Michelle, I haven't done a Baby Surprise Jacket yet. But I'd like to try it sometime, everyone who makes one just raves about it. EZ was such a master!

  3. Oh, Becky--I really LOVE this! Really cute baby, too!


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