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Shetland Ewes for Sale & Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival this weekend!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've had very poor Internet connections since mid-July.  But it's working now so I will take some time to post that I've decided  to sell all my Shetlands except Camille -- she lambed on August 7th, the first-ever August lambs to be born here! 

It's the high price of hay that has forced me to make the decision to quit raising Shetlands. I love their rich colors and easy care, but since I sold my land with the hayfields last summer, I have to buy hay now. And with the current drought conditions, the hay is going pretty high -- if you can get some one to sell it to you... hopefully someone out there has plenty of hay and will give my Shetland ewes a good home. 

Yearling ewes: River Oaks Godiva, black gulmoget, River Oaks Cinder, Ag grey gulmoget, River Oaks Goldie, Musket.  All lambed singles with no problems in 2013 are in good condition.
2 yr old ewes: River Oaks Minnie, moorit gulmoget, and River Oaks Mystery, shaela gulm…