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Thanksgiving and Destashing

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time visiting both sides of the family with our boys. The food was really great and the weather cooperated for our 160 mile round trip. The best part was that I didn't have to worry about getting back early to feed the sheep and close up the barn.

Now that we're down to only 20 sheep here and no chickens, life has been much simpler. After breaking up Bombarde's breeding group, I only have three breeding pens to keep fed and watered. I've fed the last of the whole corn that I had bought to flush the ewes, so now they're back to hay, water and mineral until March. Hopefully not having grain around will cut back on the mouse population in the barn this winter.

I'm happy to say that Amber, Brita and Geronimo went to live in Missouri at Mark Tucker's place. I met Mark on Nov. 18 at the Mall of America and we loaded the lambs into his well-built trailer for the ride down south. It was a cold day, but they …

Is this Weird?

My son and I went out to look over the 40 acres this afternoon and found that most of the big rocks in our pasture had been dug up and moved this summer. Stan told me about it months ago, but I didn't realize the size of the rocks or the extensiveness until I saw it for myself this afternoon. I hope you can see what I'm talking about in these photos, they only show a tiny bit of it. Yes, I know it's really rocky, that's why it's the pasture and not the hayfield. :-)
Our hay guy's cattle were grazing our 20 acre pasture this summer, but could they (or would they) have done this? Could it have been a bear? Those were some pretty HEAVY rocks that were dug up and moved out of the ground.
Here is a photo of the handy wire we use for a catch pen. It's really just a 16' hog panel that's been bent into a U-shape so that it's about 6' x 4' . We got it with a fiberglass calf hut from a dairy farmer years ago. As in the photo, I use the combo…

Oh-oh, not again!

It must be the season for shepherd's to get sick. I read on Garrett's blog that he's been really sick lately and Nancy K's arm has been giving her a tough time too. Then I found out last night that I have Lyme disease. Fortunately this time I don't have a high fever and rash like I had in July.

I got the deer tick about 6 weeks ago when the neighbor dog killed those chicks and I had to spend a lot of time searching the woods for the other chicks.

I wound up having to have the tick's head removed at the clinic because it was really embedded in my waistline (that was also the day I made those felted slippers and I was bent over for an hour felting them on my feet).

Anyway, they told me to come back for a Lyme blood test in about 2 weeks. I was feeling fine so I didn't go back. Until about two weeks ago I started waking up with treacherous headaches, nausea, a stiff neck and hot flashes. Some days I felt fine, but more and more I'd been having those awful hea…

The sparks have been flying!

Well, the breeding pens went together on Wednesday (Nov. 7th) and the rams have been doing their thing. I think it will be RAINING lambs around here come the first week of April!
Thanks to my friend (and new Shetland breeder) Penny Simonson for all the help moving the sheep around. I hope she didn't get half as sore as I did. It may have been too much to ask of a friend. Since it was just us two, we did a lot of luring the ewes into a catch-pen and then closing the door behind them. The trick was to get the RIGHT ewes into the pen. There were times we had to settle for just one or two of a group of five. Then we would walk the pen across the yard and deposit the ewes in the appropriate ram pen. Of course Cocoa and her daughters kept going in the catch-pen and they weren't supposed to go anywhere, their ram was coming to them. We finally had to put them out in the back pasture.
The yearling BFL ewe, Lanora was too cautious and we could NOT catch her, so she stayed with Granite&…

Breeding groups for 2008!

I said good bye to River Oaks Darcy, Grace and Jake this morning. They are off to greener pastures north of here. I love that little Darcy and yearling Grace finally got tame just last week. I know they are going to a good home and that's all I can hope for with my sheep.
I have finally got my breeding groups planned out! Now I just need a helper to get the appropriate sheep to the appropriate pens. With the hubby off deer hunting and my son at work, I'll just have to wait one more day. Once they are in their appropriate pens, I'm going to hope and pray that they stay there. I don't have the best fencing and I remember resorting to electronet last year to keep the boys in their intended places. Well electronet seems like a great idea on a warm November day in Minnesota, but there's no getting it out of the ground in mid-December. We had to go out with many, many pots of boiling water during a January thaw to finally get that electronet put away for the winter.
Okay, …