Oh-oh, not again!

It must be the season for shepherd's to get sick. I read on Garrett's blog that he's been really sick lately and Nancy K's arm has been giving her a tough time too. Then I found out last night that I have Lyme disease. Fortunately this time I don't have a high fever and rash like I had in July.

I got the deer tick about 6 weeks ago when the neighbor dog killed those chicks and I had to spend a lot of time searching the woods for the other chicks.

I wound up having to have the tick's head removed at the clinic because it was really embedded in my waistline (that was also the day I made those felted slippers and I was bent over for an hour felting them on my feet).

Anyway, they told me to come back for a Lyme blood test in about 2 weeks. I was feeling fine so I didn't go back. Until about two weeks ago I started waking up with treacherous headaches, nausea, a stiff neck and hot flashes. Some days I felt fine, but more and more I'd been having those awful headaches and feeling sick, so I went to have that blood test on Monday. It's a good thing I did! Now I'm back on the doxycycline for three weeks. At least I don't have to worry about staying out of the sun this time. :-)

I plied my first big skein on my new wheel last week. This is going to be so great! It was 5 1/2 ounces and 345 yards. I think I could get more on next time. The yarn was from my white Shetland combed top which I had spun up on the Victoria. In the photo below you can see the size of the Louet bobbin on the left as compared to the Ashford Traveller bobbin in the center, and the Kromski Symphony bobbin on the right. The Victoria bobbins are about the same as the Kromski bobbins, that's why I needed a full size Louet wheel.
I'm glad to hear from Shepherdchick that she has more than four wheels. Now I don't feel so bad about wanting to keep all my wheels. :-)

I washed Harley's fleece already. Oh, it's so nice and silky! I'm really happy with the fleece I got from mating Windswept Boggart to my Bramble ewes. I just wish Harley's horns had been farther apart, he was such a great little ram lamb otherwise. This is another good reason for breeding polled rams. Every year we put most of the ram lambs in the freezer due to tight horns.


  1. I sure hope you feel better soon, Becky. Two of our boys had Lyme's last summer and it was quite hard on them. And now, because we have had some nice weather, Lyme's is cropping up in our neighborhood again. My boss's family has had a hard time with it. Remember to take some acidophalis (sp) so your digestive system doesn't loose it's good bacteria from the antibiotics.
    Lucky you with those wheels. I don't think you should appologize for any of them. (big grin)


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