Is this Weird?

My son and I went out to look over the 40 acres this afternoon and found that most of the big rocks in our pasture had been dug up and moved this summer. Stan told me about it months ago, but I didn't realize the size of the rocks or the extensiveness until I saw it for myself this afternoon. I hope you can see what I'm talking about in these photos, they only show a tiny bit of it. Yes, I know it's really rocky, that's why it's the pasture and not the hayfield. :-)
Our hay guy's cattle were grazing our 20 acre pasture this summer, but could they (or would they) have done this? Could it have been a bear? Those were some pretty HEAVY rocks that were dug up and moved out of the ground.

Here is a photo of the handy wire we use for a catch pen. It's really just a 16' hog panel that's been bent into a U-shape so that it's about 6' x 4' . We got it with a fiberglass calf hut from a dairy farmer years ago. As in the photo, I use the combo as a lambing jug in the spring. The wire portion alone makes a handy extra shelter when covered with a tarp. And I attach a 3' peice of panel for a door on the open end and it works as our catch pen when we need to move sheep around. It also fits perfectly inside the truck topper so rams can't butt the windows in transit. Really handy! I'm not sure how a person could bend the panel like that though.


  1. That IS weird, Becky! I wonder if it could be bears. I suppose they might move the rocks to get at grubs/insects hiding beneath them? Scary!!

    I hadn't been to your blog for a while and there was so much to catch up on! I'm glad you caught the Lyme's early this time ~ although it does sound like you did your share of suffering, first. Your white yarn looks gorgeous. I haven't spun (or KNIT!) in weeks!

  2. I have no idea what would do that with the rocks. I wouldn't think that cows could manage that. I suppose a bear could it, I'm just not sure why they'd want to. Very strange.

  3. Thanks Nancy and Becca, I'm thinking it has to be bears trying to get at the grubs and bugs under the rocks. They were turned over during our drought this summer. But I'm just surprised that a bear could move such big rocks. And this was out in the open at the top of the hill, not near the wooded fenceline. I'll ask my dad about it tomorrow at Thanksgiving dinner.

  4. Becky. I've never seen a bear do this, or our cattle. Maybe it was someone trying to dig up the rocks to SELL them? We've had lots of people sell out their huge piles of rocks that they get from picking the fields around here.

    Maybe they had the wrong grassy field and that's why they left them? :)

    Hope you are doing well!


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