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Hobby Farm and Sheep for sale

As some of you know, my place is on the market. Click here for more information on the house.
I love my house, Stan and I built it in 1987.  We skated on the pond...
We planted gardens and fruit trees, built two barns, fenced and raised poultry and sheep.  Being on the end of a cul-de-sac means there is very little traffic, so no worries about pets on the highway. The neighbors here are simply the best, most helpful, caring people.  This place has been perfect for me and my animals... But the time has come to move on in life.

I'm in a relationship with an amazing man who can build and fix anything, is an excellent cook (Italian), and he actually wants sheep! But most important, he makes me feel alive again. Life is about moving forward, not living in the past.
So I am relocating my studio and animals to Ogilvie, MN.
We built a nice pole barn, but we have no pasture there yet.  We still have to fence and the sheep will have to clear out the woods.
I have decided to sell four of m…