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I'm so happy to finally be done with the Shepherd's Harvest booklet! It's being printed now, but you can download a copy from the website. Unfortunately, Bob Padula won't be at the festival doing the micron testing this year.  The committee members decided it would be best to wait and have him next year along with Phil Berg from the Pipestone Sheep Program.  

Of course I said I would like to have Bob there every year testing fleece samples, but others didn't think there would be much demand for that.  Oh well, I tried and the majority rules!  There are still lots of other cool things going on to draw people in to the festival.  I'll send my fleece samples to Texas A & M again this year.

Events really spun out of control this week with Stan and my brother installing our new kitchen floor on Tuesday, the same day I started my job training and was finalizing the booklet.  The new floor looks great, but it took until this evening to get the kitchen and living room put back in order again.  That's also because we
took time out to enjoy a wonderful boiled dinner with friends last night for St. Patrick's Day.  I always love St. Patrick's Day because it means spring is on the way.

I'm still hoping to get my washed wool shipped out to Zeilinger's next week. And then I need to start in on skirting the 2010 fleeces.  I can't wait to get a good look at them!

We frost-seeded our pasture paddocks on Monday. I hope it wasn't too late in the year, but we couldn't have done it any earlier -- the snow pack just melted two days before we seeded.


  1. Hi Becky,

    I just stopped by to say I made your quiche recipe AGAIN, and love it every time. Thanks again for sharing it a while back.

  2. Hi Kara, thanks for the reminder about that dish. It's a family favorite here too. And I have so many eggs now that the flock is laying so well again. No Shetland goose eggs yet, but I think they will start laying any day now. Of course those I will have to incubate just in case they are fertile.

  3. I have two dozen eggs I bough from someone at work. I will have to look for your recipe! BTW - I love your shearing day photos!


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