Sheep Mug/Green Egg/Roses

I'm totally immersed in a big project right now, but I'm taking a minute out to do a quick post -- seems like it's been so long! I've enjoyed reading everyone's blogs lately, seeing new the lamb photos and sharing the ups and downs of my friends' lives.

Check out the great mug my friends, Denise and Paul Morris made for me. Paul throws the pots and Denise decorates them. She really can capture the movement of animals in a few strokes.

Normally Denise does horses, deer and rabbits, but she thought a custom sheep mug would be just what I needed. Yes! In addition to the sheep, love the smaller size, elegant shape and the detailing on this one. I have another mug coming, it's supposed to be bigger, maybe Stan can use that one. I just love this one!

Our Americauna FINALLY laid her first egg last week - at 8 months old! I was beginning to wonder if she'd ever lay. The Red-stars (gold sex-links) have been laying well for three months already. Those Red Stars are the best egg layers! The California White hen also started laying at 5 months and she's a steady layer, but her eggs are not large at all. So now we have seven hens a'laying and the eggs are piling up in the fridge. I think I'll bring some to the food shelf.

I was so excited last week when I got 18 roses for $1.98. They were on close out at my work five days after Valentine's Day. I heard an announcement on the loudspeaker that roses were marked down to 99 cents and thought I'd get a couple. Then I found out that a whole bouquet of roses was 99 cents. So I bought a dozen pink (my favorite, so springy!) and six red (so beautiful!).Well now I am down to just three red roses and a lot of pedals for potpourri. They sure have been a nice addition to the winter days. Tomorrow we're supposed to get a snowstorm, but the weather these past few days has been just beautiful. I've got shearing lined up for the 18 or 19th of March, so I hope it's warm then.

Okay back to work....


  1. I just love, love, love the sheep mug. Beautiful. I went and looked at their Etsy shop and I really liked the rabbit and goat mugs, but they only hold 10 oz. I'm a "heavy drinker" when it comes to mugs so I decided not to indulge. Beautiful designs though.

    Lovely flowers too! Lucky you!

  2. Hi Becky,

    I also love the mugs! I love the little 'lip' on the handle.

    That is one, REALLY green egg!

    What an incredible buy on Roses! Good for you for taking advantage of it...

  3. Your friends made a gorgeous mug! I'm with Becky... that is definitely one very green egg.

  4. I am loving your new mug, does your friend sell them? And those eggs are a day brightener!

  5. Judging from the response here, I think they should do a line of sheep mugs to sell. They have an etsy shop, here's the link:

    If that doesn't work, follow the link in the post to their website and go from there.

    Wasn't that a big green egg for being the very first one she laid?

    Off the feed the sheep and then head to work.

  6. What a beautiful mug! How lucky you are to have friends like that!


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