Knitting projects and Blogs, Blogs, Blogs!

Yes, I know I've been remiss in not posting for so long! I still am not able to get my photos into my computer and that really puts a damper on blogging.

I've been making goat milk soap again. I got some new molds and some fragrance oils last week from Soap Crafters Co. I usually only use essential oils, but the blends of the fragrance oils sounded very tempting, so I'm giving them a try. The photo above is from last fall's round of soapmaking. We still have plenty of soap left, but I love experimenting with the different scents!

I've also gotten back to knitting on third pi shawl. Here's a photo of the second pi shawl I made in January, 2006. It's knitted of purchased laceweight alpaca yarn - very soft!
Knitting a pi shawl is a long, relaxing project which is why I keep making them even though I never wear them. I'm almost done with my current one. I'm using Elizabthe Zimmermann's directions for the lace pi in Knitters Almanac and it's being knit using handspun, handcombed wool from the lamb fleece of our three-year-old wether, Willy. I was combing, spinning and knitting as I went along and I've just come to the horrible realization that I shipped out the remainder of that fleece to be processed into combed top! I can't believe I did that. So now I have to comb some of Willy's roving from last year and hope there isn't too much difference in the yarns. Just goes to show, you shouldn't take a long hiatus from a project like this. I set it aside back in March just before lambing began.

I've been reading the various blogs of fellow shetland breeders and it's so much fun to see the diffence in styles. Shepherd Chick is very entertaining with her lighthearted entries and a full cast of characters and lots of photos.

Sabrina Erickson's new blog, Boston Lake Farm, is always an interesting read, she's a great writer. And Mary Ellen's probing questions on her Meadowwoods blog give a breeder food for thought. Not that I need that, I'm constantly analyzing my flock situation and thinking ahead about my flock plans.

Speaking of which, I'm down to 28 sheep now! Rayna from Barnum came down last week and picked up Bramble Gillian, her daugher Diana, great granddaughter, River Oaks Tasha, grandson, River Oaks Isaac, and Bramble Lottie, an F1 Minder.

And a week before that, Gillian's twin ewe lambs and two other ewe lambs left to live down near Rosemount, MN. Hopefully all are doing well in their new homes. I really miss Diana, she had a way about her.

Now I only have a few ewe lambs, two ram lambs and a wether left for sale. I may show some of them at Jefferson as I am thrilled with the conformation and fleece they got from their sire, Windswept Boggart. Only wish I could put in some recent photos.

Our pasture is quite sparse and I've been feeding hay. We need more rain. It's going to be hot and humid again this week...hope everyone stays cool.


  1. Good to see a new post, Becky. I was worried that you really did get Lyme's disease and were too sick to post after saying you were getting better.

    Have you purchased Rocky Sheep Suits for Shetland lambs? If so, what sizes tend to fit what ages? And on a related topic, have you ever showed a sheep that you had coated? I'd like to show Bella at OFFF in order to help market and sell her, and she's been coated since her March shearing. She won't look right in the ringif I just pull her coat off and show her, so what should I do?

  2. I love your soap Becky! Are you going to have some for sale? I really like the little heart shaped ones I got from you last fall...

    Your second Pi is beautiful! I really must get back to working on mine. I suppose I'll have to start all over again as the mistakes have grown while it was left sitting....


  3. Becky, you always accomplish SO MUCH. I don't know how you do it all. Good for you. Your shawl is so lovely.
    Glad you are back to blogging again. You were missed. And thanks for introducing my blog too. Hope to see you soon.


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