And Finally, our Current Sales List

Sorry to say that my website updates aren't uploading as planned, so I'm posting my sales list here on the blog for now. Email me for more information, prices, etc.

River Oaks Shetlands in Mora, Minnesota has three NASSA registered ewes for sale this spring. All are gentle and tame ewes with good lambing histories. We have no "wild child" sheep here!

River Oaks Eliza, beautiful white 3 yr old with fabulous fleece, 18% UK, single

Bramble Jemma, F2 Minder, 6 yr old black ewe, twin, has some iset

Bramble Cordelia, F1 Minder, 9 yr old Ag fawn katmoget ewe, quad

I love all these girls, and I hadn't planned on selling them, but I need to whittle m
y numbers down, so they will be available to good homes.

We will also sell Elsa, another beautiful white Shetland ewe, 3 yrs old to a good home. She's not registerable, but she's very sweet and a small ewe. I used her in my crossbreeding program this year.

We will have three Shetland Mule ewe lambs available after weaning this summer/fall. When mature, these girls will be about 1/3 larger than purebred Shetland ewes and have BFL influenced fleece with lots of crimp and luster. They will be as hardy as their Shetland mothers and just as good at mothering, even in their first year. They can be bred to larger breed rams when mature to produce market lambs. Calm and gentle personalities, they all carry color. I love this cross!

We will have four NASSA registerable Shetland ram lambs available after weaning and horn evaluation. All sired by Windswept Boggart, a rose mioget Shetland. They carry modified and spotting genetics. Prices will vary on these boys as evaluation takes place.

River Oaks McIntire, Black (or dark brown?) twin, F3 Holly, out of River Oaks Hattie, longish tail, but sturdy build, good looking horns and nice face.
River Oaks Julius, Fawn Katmoget single, F2 Minder, out of Bramble Cordelia, good looking horns and conformation, nicely curled locks.
River Oaks Rueben, very nice single fawn out of River Oaks Eliza, with a beautiful intermediate fleece.
River Oaks Marshall, Fawn (or rose mioget?) F3 Holly with moon spots, will be longer fleeced. Very silky fleece now.

We will offer Beechtree Dougal, 2 yr old registered white Bluefaced Leicester ram for sale also. Will consider trade for yearling polled black Shetland ram...with modified or spotting genetics or other markings if possible.

We also have two polled 3/4 Bluefaced Leicester, 1/4 Shetland ram lambs for sale, both are singles out of yearlings. They have fabulous BFL fleece. One a gorgeous grey and one white. Big boys, already close to the size of Shetland ewes at only 7 weeks old.

We have a white 3/4 Shetland, 1/4 Bluefaced Leicester ram lamb for sale also. He's single out of a yearling and is chunky with the BFL fleece and long torso. Sired by a black gulmoget shetland and he's polled.

And last but not least, we have two BFL/Shetland cross wethers available. Both are totally affectionate with nice fleece. One is gray spotted and the other is frosty black.

If interested in any of these, please let me know and I can send more photos, fleece samples, etc.


  1. hey Becky....I might be interested in your mule ewe lambs....

    also...did you ever get a micron on Eliza from this year? i'm still interested! :)


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