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Well, I guess my blog was tagged by Garrett and Carol.
So at the risk of boring you all to death, here are my answers to a set of questions with a list of 8 things.

My 8 favorite foods:
1. Lamb Stew
2. Barbecued Ribs
3. Warm Brownies and Ice Cream
4. Lasagna
5. Steak (beef or lamb) with sauteed mushrooms and onions
6. Steamed broccoli/asparagus/cauliflower with butter
7. Baked potatoes w/sour cream
8. Is wine a food?

8 Things I Did Today
1. Laundry
2. Bought myself a guitar! And tried to remember some cords and finger picking.
3. Talked on the phone with a prospective Shetland ram lamb buyer - yay!
4. Had lunch in town with old friends from church :-))
5. Fed the sheep and chickens - twice.
6. Wrote out bills.
7. Made plans for tomorrow's breeding ram exchange. My two adult BFL rams are leaving and I will be bringing back a polled black gulmoget ram to use on my Shetland ewes. The girls will be ever so happy.
8. Started my Christmas shopping - just one gift so far-- unless you count the guitar which is to me, from me. :-)

8 Favorite Stores:
1. FleetFarm
2. Target
3. Coborn's
4. Dick Blick
5. The Ukrainian Gift Shop
6. Mother of All - Fiber Shop
7. Barnes & Noble
8. Menards

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Buzzano's Bar & Grill
2. The Grand Grill - in Hinckley
3. Q Mandarin Chinese Restaurant
4. Olive Garden
5. Rock Creek Cafe
6. The Purple Hawk
7. Pizza Hut
8. Red Lobster

8 Things I look Forward To:
1. Lambing
2. Morning
3. Lunch
4. Tax Refunds
5. Payday
6. Painting group
7. Fresh fleeces in the spring
8. Time to felt, paint, garden, knit, etc., etc.

8 Things I Like To Do With Family:
1. Talk on the phone
2. Holiday meals
3. Get hay and walk around on our 40 acres
4. Hoof trimming -- husband is the only one who will help me with that.
5. Share daily news
6. Make plans
7. Go places
8. Take photos

8 Things on My Wish List:
1. A LOT more money
2. Good homes for all my really nice lambs - of course some belong in the freezer
3. To put fencing and a well on our 40 acres so we can pasture beef over there.
4. Travel to the UK and Shetland Islands
5. That our youngest boy gets through college without me having to take out another big loan.
6.That we are able to navigate through these dire economic times and see real estates prices get better again so we can move onto our 40 acres.
7. Maybe some grandchildren some day - not TOO soon, but someday.
8. Good health to enjoy my animals and art for years to come.

8 People I’m Tagging : I think most of the blogging people I know have already been tagged, but here's one more to add to the list, Terri D.


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