Glass Spinning Wheel

Well, I've finished the first three days at my new job. I have three days off before I start in on four days in a row next week.
I've never done food service work before, except a few volunteer shifts at church funerals. It's actually kind of fun and I'm learning some new tricks about presentation. I've always been a bit shy about having people over for dinner, or bringing my salad to the salad luncheon and getting most of it back. LOL. So this could be a good learning experience for me.

I've enjoyed seeing lots of friends and acquaintances as they come into the store to shop. It's so much nicer than working in a town 25 miles away!

I thought the spinners and art lovers among you might enjoy this video of a truly lovely piece of art. The link was shared with me through the feltmakers list. If you're not on dial-up, I hope you enjoy this.


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing that video. He is very talented and does beautiful work.

  2. Yes, isn't that wheel beautiful to watch in action?


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