Another storm, another fence

Last Sunday morning this what we found.  I heard the crackling of  a tree coming down during the storm the night before. Our south perimeter fenceline is under there.
One of the big oak trees that gives River Oaks its name, just split in two.  It keeps sinking lower, threatening more of our perimeter fence.

Here it is after Stan spent hours trimming it down, we've got a call in to a professional to finish the job.
That's a thick trunk! The good news is we'll have lots of oak firewood to keep us warm next winter (not this winter).
And this is what we found this morning, just days later, the north fence is under this.  At least these are smaller trees.

My corn was about 7-8' tall yesterday. It's been knocked down so many times this year, I wonder if it will come back again.
Look at the cattle panel and tarp hoop house. We were planning to take it down anyway.


  1. Wow! We only get those kinds of storms in winter!

  2. Double wow- What a mess!

  3. It got even worse in the afternoon, when we another inch and a half of rain (added to the two inches overnight) and golf ball size hail. The hail come right through the clear peak of our pole barn and must have scared the sheep. They were all soaking wet when I went out there. The yard is a mess, lots of clean up to do.

  4. OUCH!

    I sure hope the weather settles down soon! This has been an awful summer.

  5.'s always so defeating when you put time, money and work into a fenceline and suddenly it's squashed flat, not to mention all the cleanup involved. I hope that the storms abate for you and nothing more is damaged. Also I'm sorry to hear that Shacah had to go to a new home, as I'm sure you will miss him. However it sounds like you made a loving choice for him.

  6. Thanks Tammy and Nancy, yes it's been a very sultry summer! And yes we do miss Shachah, I think even Ozzie misses him. :) I hope he adjusts to his new digs quickly, what a great place Sabrina has for him to do his job.
    Oops, I just found out that the green oak leaves and the unripe acorns can be toxic to sheep. I had read that before, but I know my sheep eat oak leaves quite often, so I didn't worry too much about it until this morning when I noticed several of them munching on the unripe acorns. I asked about it on the Sheep Production forum and sure enough, it's not a good idea to let them feast on green oak leaves and acorns. So far they all seem fine, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they didn't eat too much. Just wanted to let everyone know not to do what I did if an oak tree falls in your pasture.


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