First Place!

Woo-hoo! My felted wool painting won first place in the "Other Art Forms" category at the regional art show this past weekend. What a surprise that was! There was some pretty stiff competition in that category too. I really need to do more of these, I've had such a positive response to the ones I've displayed in area shows. I'd love to do a large landscape piece of our pond in the snow.
Above is the photo of Lana and Bo that I promised in my last post. They are such a cute pair.
Below is a shot of Kimberwood Harrison (polled black gulmoget) and River Oaks Hannah. Harrison is such a nice ram, very nice temperament. Absolutely no trouble at all.

Sunday I hosted my dad's 80th birthday party. Unfortunately, the guest of honor was over two hours late. It was snowing pretty good that day and we really got worried about him - he's never, ever late. I called the sheriff's offices of Pine, Kanabec and Burnett counties asking about accidents. We even had the Burnett county sheriff check on his house to make sure he wasn't there unable to answer the phone. The things that go through your mind in a situation like that. It wasn't too long after the sheriff's office called back, saying his van was gone and there were tire tracks in the snow, that our doorbell rang and there he was! Thank goodness he just misunderstood the start time of the party. :-))

I'm knitting an earflap hat designed by Kirsten Kapur. She calls it the Thorpe hat, you can find the free directions here. It went very fast on bulky handspun yarn (from Sheepy Hollow Rachel) and US size 9 needles. I managed to get the hat knitted within 24 hours. I just need to add the crochet trim and the braids now. I think I will full it in the washer. I made it in the largest size which is a little too large for me, so fulling it will make it smaller and warmer.

My next project is to make a queen size comforter with my 3.5 pound Shetland wool batt and two flat sheets. It's for our oldest son's Christmas present. There's nothing like sleeping under a nice thick wool comforter!


  1. Eek, what a scary thing. Glad he was "on time" in his mind. Beautiful painting!

  2. That first place is no surprise. Beautiful!

  3. Congrats! Thank you soooo much for sharing the flap hat pattern, I have been searching for one that I could knit for a boy using some of my homespun yarn that is on the bulkier side. Thanks again. Love the sheep photos, that gully boy is way too cute. Snowy here, I think I will knit today! Thanks again.

  4. Congratulations on having your beautiful artwork recognized! I can't imagine how long it must have taken to make such a 'painting'?

    It looks like you have a very solid-bodied black gulmoget. It's been so long since I've been to your place or seen your sheep. I'd love to get up for a visit again someday...

    I second the thannks for the hat pattern! I bookmarked it and may just try it one of these days!

  5. Congrats on being recognized for your wonderful artwork! And that polled gulmoget can come live here any time. :-)

  6. Good job, Becky. It is a beautiful work of art.

  7. Thanks you guys. I'm so glad some of you could use that hat pattern too. I think I'll whip up another one, they might make good Christmas presents.
    Nancy, I think it's time we get together again! Maybe for a spinning overnighter? :-)
    Michelle, I will tell Kim that you could make room for Harrison in your flock. He's a really sweet ram, I just hope he carries moorit. In case he doesn't, I decided to breed his 2008 daughter, Lana, to my little ram, Bo. Keeping my fingers crossed for moorit gulmoget lambs. :-)


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