Had to share this link - cute Sheep ad

Ron Parker sent this to the Sheep-L list, I thought you might enjoy it too.

It's a link to some ads that feature a black sheep. I see shades of BFL in the main character - if only he would hold his ears upright. The video at the bottom of the page is cute and very short. The one on the side of the page took a little long for my computer to download, and it was more of a commercial, so I didn't watch the whole thing.

Here on the home front, McIntire and his two half brothers are gone to their new home. Bo and Lana are together in a breeding pen. I need to take a photo of them. They look so cute together, but they are both quite young to be breeding. Oh well, if she doesn't take, it's no big deal. If she does take, I'm sure she'll do just fine.

This afternoon I heard what I thought was the garage service door blowing closed, over and over. Then I remembered why I don't put my Shetland rams near my fiberglass calf huts. I forgot about that when I hastily put Bo and Lana in with two fiberglass huts. Even though Bo has small horns, he's discovered how to use them. :-)

Okay, back to work cleaning this house for my dad's 80th birthday party!


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